Budget Accommodation Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar Budget Accommodation

The Ocean Pearl Inn is a low-cost family run inn and many tourists and business people are happy to live with us in Myanmar. That is no longer the case, mainly thanks to a. Cheap hotels in Myanmar: Undoubtedly one of the best hostels in Yangon, Myanmar. The Victory Point Hotel was chic for a cheap hotel. Overnight stay in JJ Express VIP Night Bus to Inle Lake.

Accommodation in Myanmar - Accommodation at reasonable prices (+ Nice!)

It has become well known among travellers travelling to Myanmar that accommodation is not very accessible, especially in comparison to the Lao + Thailand Sisters. Myanmar currently has some rather strict state rules for accommodation, making it hard to find cheap accommodation that is still beautiful.

Having been on a pretty common back packer cycle for 16 nights, we wanted to split where we were + how much we paid out in the high seson. It is important for us to remain somewhere with good reviews + that looks good. We always have a budget and it is important to us to find a good business.

So here's where we are, how much we've been spending + where we've booked: In Yangon we lived in the Chan Myaye Guest House. We had a room with air conditioning + ventilator, en suites and breakfasts (solid breakfast!). It was a great guest house near the Sule Pagoda in Yangon city centre, near the riverbank and many of the lovely colorful farmhouses.

Our employees were very supportive and reserved us a coach to the Golden Rock, as well as our midnight coach to Inle Lake. 33 US$/day + 3 overnights, reserved with Hostelworld. The Christmas present for each other was our one-night plurge at the Golden Rock Hotell. It is NOT a cheap property as it costs us $110 US$ for our 1 day accommodation in high seasons (booked directly through the resort + payed via PayPal).

It' a wonderful motel near the Golden Rocks. Our employees are always ready to help and serve a great breakfasts (included) and one of the best meals we've had all over Myanmar (not included). As we stayed nearer to the rocks, we could drive past the last lorry at 18:00, but if you don't mind, you' ll be able to reserve a few in Kinpun at the foot of the crag.

So, we stayed in the touristic city of Nyaung Shwe, right at the Inle Lake Channe. We' had been hearing great things about Ostello Bello from some of our Myanmar travel ing acquaintances, so we thought we'd try. Throughout Myanmar, the hostelling group has made a name for itself, but unfortunately it is too costly for what it is as a team.

When you travel alone, Ostello Bello is probably a much more economical and convenient alternative than travelling as a family. We' re paying $32 USD/night to sleep in a 6-bed room in Nyaung Shwe, which is the cheapest place in Ostello Bello.

2 overnight stays + booking through Hosttelworld. Twice we drove through Mandalay (on the way to and from Bagan) and remained in 2 different places. For the first one we lived at 79 Livin' in the centre of Mandalay near a shopping centre, some of our own restaurant and the castle wall. Overnight in a roomy air-conditioned room with some of the best Wi-Fi we had in all of Myanmar.

There was a beautiful breakfastbuffet (included in the price) and a rooftop with a beautiful townview. We remained for 2 Night, paying $49USD ($24. 50/night) + posted on Agoda. When we were in Mandalay the second times, we were at the New Tiger World.

Situated in the centre, near a large café and near the castle wall (slightly more southerly than 79 Living). There was a doubleroom with private bath, air conditioning, a beautiful breakfastbuffet + free bicycle rental. For 3 days we spent $30 USD/night + booking through Booking.com.

In Bagan there is the possibility to spend the night in New Bagan, Old Bagan or Nyuang U. We found a cheap accommodation in New Bagan and it turned out to be the ideal place for us. Overnight in a double room (2 singles) at Bagan Nova Guesthouse. There was a private bath, air conditioning (which we did not need) and a good breakfest including.

We were also hired by the guest house to discover Bagan, get a coach back to Mandalay and help us out when Amanda got intoxicated. We remained for 3 overnight stays, paying $38 USD/night + booking with Agoda. All in all, we spend $526 US$ ($263/person) for 14 overnight stays in Myanmar.

When you take out our split on The Golden Rock Hotel, we have used $416 US ($218/person). Being in a costly lodging for 2 week in a land, that's not so awful! We' ve also slept one evening in an accommodation coach, which is always useful to reduce accommodation expenses. Myanmar 2014 was a low seasons visit by Jen of Two Can Traveller, who was a member of our friendly + fellow traveller blogs. He slept in some other budget hotels and spend less on accommodation than we did.

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