Budget Accommodation in Yangon Myanmar

Accommodation in Yangon Myanmar

The Ocean Pearl Inn is a low-cost family run inn and many tourists and business people are happy to live with us in Myanmar. Undoubtedly one of the best hostels in Yangon, Myanmar. But our accommodation in Yangon did not include this. The Victory Point Hotel was chic for a cheap hotel. Overnight stay in JJ Express VIP Night Bus to Inle Lake.

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Yangon, Beautyland II is a very good choice & about as centrally located as possible. It' next to Sakura Tower on Bogyoke Aung San Rd & 33rd St. Ocean Pearl in Yangon is not a poor choice either, you can try it here: Mainland 2 is a good guest house & makes a free transfer to the city centre, from here it is about 15-20 minutes: If you are looking for something dirty, you can try The Garden GH directly at the Sule Pagode, but you will be better off, as there is a much higher sales of people there.

One great choice is the Queen Inn on the other side of the channel. Teak is another good choice, beautiful rooms & good division, The Remember Inn is another good one. The Royal City is another good, they have a budget GH & another soft toys range choice.

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A budget for a journey to Myanmar

Myanmar, ex Burma, is an astonishing and enchanting place. It is his curious nature and the authentic nature of his tradition that has made this land one of my favorites in Southeast Asia. In this article I will try to give you an overview of the necessary budget for a journey to Myanmar so that you can schedule your journey as accurately as possible.

I recently traveled through Southeast Asia for 3 month, with a budget of $27 a days, which was more than enough in some states. Not in Myanmar. Burma was the place where I exceeded the budget the most. Fares, especially accommodation rates, are higher than in neighboring states.

The room you would get in Thailand for $16 per room will be twice as expensive in Myanmar, for example. Please find below the mean rates for accommodation, meals, transportation and admission to some of the major tourist sites (see What to do in Yangon, Myanmar).

This will give you an overview of the necessary budget for a journey to Myanmar. What is the overnight rate in Myanmar? Accommodation, as I have already said above, is undoubtedly one of the items that puts the most strain on the budget for a journey to Myanmar. That' s especially striking when you've travelled through Thailand and are used to getting great rooms at really low prices.

I made most of my reservations during my journey to Myanmar through Booking.com or Agoda, but there is another good website you can use under the name Hotels United. You can compare prices for the same room on different sites. In this way you can make your reservation at the best possible prices (see Accommodation in Yangon | Accommodation).

Averages for all types of accommodation: What is the mean cost of groceries in Myanmar? As in all South East Asia there is a snack bar in almost every area. This is a good way to dine while keeping a budget, and most of the time, it is totally delectable.

Please find below the mean retail fares for various foods. Mean cost of foods (in MMK): What is the transportation cost in Myanmar? Myanmar is best travelled by coach. A number of coach operators link the country's major towns. I' ve reserved my ticket several time through Myanmar Coach Ticket.

Via Taxis: Most of them don't really use a meter, so you always have to negotiate the rate before you come in. You will find below the approximate bus fares between the towns, the approximate cab fares and the approximate e-bikes or bicycles: Typical transportation prices: What is the admission charge for Myanmar's major tourist attraction?

Now that you have an estimate of the budget for a journey to Myanmar, you can begin to plan! Have a look at some of the articles on the page "Planning a trip". There you will find useful hints on how to find low-cost airfares, how to make an accommodation reservation or take out holiday insurances, some of the essential things to consider when you plan your itinerary.

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