Budget Accommodation in Myanmar

Accommodation in Myanmar

Mandalay Inle Lake (Nyaung Shwe). When you like this post, make sure you hang it on Pinterest with this picture: "An airplane can be a good alternative if you have a higher budget. Thar Oo Linn is the first private hotel in Myanmar to open on Ngapali Beach. I had a late breakfast, which was included in the overnight expenses.

Myanmar offers you inexpensive accommodation!

Myanmar offers you inexpensive accommodation! Please note: This article is part of our August 2014 journey to Myanmar. For all we know, the rates for these guesthouses are still correct. When you have slept in another fantastic place in Myanmar, please let us know where in the commentaries! Do you want to spend less on accommodation in Myanmar?

Continue reading for our top suggestions for budget guesthouses: Remark: We were on the road in August, the wet period, which means that the accommodation expenses were lower and more widely available. The Sule Pagoda in Yangon from the Garden Village Guesthouse where you can have your breakfasts. At the bottom are the inexpensive guesthouses where we slept and the prices we paid.

Bathrooms en-suite. Including breakfast. It is a small business, very friendly personnel, great situation. Mr. Kid $8 for a twin room with common bath. Beautiful owners, favourable situation. Bathrooms en-suite. Including breakfast. City centre, very favourable position. Bathrooms en-suite. Including breakfast. Nice position. Gold Lily Guest House-$7 for a twin room, no air conditioning or ventilator required as it is in the hills.

Common bath room. Incl. bed and breakfasts. Joy-guest house-$15 for a doubleroom with air conditioning. Bathrooms en-suite. Incl. bed and breakfasts. Favourable and peaceful area. Sule Paya Garden Village (near Sule Paya)-$18 for a twin room with air conditioning. Bathrooms en-suite. Terrible breakfasts inclusive, but a great look at the Sule Pagoda next to it. Nice position. 16 Breeze Guest House-$ for doubleroom with air conditioning.

Common bath room. Including breakfast. Situated in an outstanding position and staffed by kind, supportive people. The Soe Brothers Guest House - $18 for a twin room with air conditioning. Bathrooms en-suite. Attentive, kind personnel and favourable situation. Not staying here, but the two of them suggested staying here before making the early entry from Mae Sot, Thailand to Myanmar in the early mornings.

Total accommodation in Myanmar was $311 for 24 overnight stays in guesthouses. During our hike between Kalaw and Inle Lake we also stayed one evening in a coach, one in a mountain town and one in a cloister. These guesthouse proposals will help you to plan your journey to Myanmar.

It' one of the most unbelievable places we've visited so far, and you CAN go there on a budget.

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