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Buccaramanga is the capital and largest city of the department Santander, Colombia. Buccaramanga, is a strategic place to stop on the road to the Atlantic coast. Bucharamanga is a city in the Santander region of Colombia. Activities in Bucaramanga, Santander Department: Buccaramanga is the capital of the north-eastern province of Santander.

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Bucharamanga (Spanish pronunciation: [buka?a?ma??a]) is the main town and the biggest town of the Santander département, Colombia.... Bucharamanga has the fifth biggest economic sector by GNP in Colombia, the highest per-capita GNP in Colombia, the cheapest jobless ratio and the 9th biggest resident populace in the nation with 521,857 inhabitants. Bucaramanga has over 160 gardens throughout the entire town and is nicknamed "La Ciudad de Los Parques" ("The town of the parks") and "La Ciudad Bonita de Colombia" ("The beautiful town of Colombia").

It is the seat of the Colombian Petroleum Institute (ICP),[2] the research department of the state petroleum corporation Ecopetrol. It was the first and most important of the cities to be established in the area by the colonists of Spain, and Bucaramanga (founded on 22 December 1622) only overtook it at the beginning of the nineteenth centuries in terms of size and area.

During the 1860' and 1870', the twentieth century, the twentieth century, the 1860' and 1870' saw the town attract a nucleus of businessmen and adventure seekers from Germany (the most celebrated of which was Geo von Lengerke), and in 1879, tension between the new arrivals and locals arose when the Culebra Pico de Oro (The Serpent of the Golden Beak) took place.

Bucaramanga Socorro superseded Socorro as the divisional capitol with the 1886 reorganisation. Though not the town itself, the area was ravaged by the 1899-1902 Thousand -Day Wars, which only allowed Bucaramanga to expand humbly in the first half of the twentieth cenury. Buccaramanga lies on a plain in the Cordillera oriental of the Colombian Andes, and many inhabitants inhabit instable countries, which descend precipitously from the Mezeta.

To the west, the Rio de Oro Canyon is 600 meters above sealevel. 7°08?N 73°08?W / 7. Giron, Piedecuesta and Floridablanca, but Lebrija is the home of the Bucaramanga International Airports and is generally regarded as part of the larger Bucaramanga. Bucaramanga is characterized by a tropic climatic conditions of the Monsun, which however is a noticeable cold one.

It is a bit too arid for a rain forest rain forest climatic, as the dryest January has an annual precipitation of 60 mm (2 in). Bucaramanga's mild weather is neither high nor low, and its 22 °C is the mean annual warmth. In comparison to towns at the same mean height (as Cali), Bucaramanga has much colder day times as the cool winds come down the east summits; its nights are not cool as the heated atmosphere comes from the south.

Bucaramanga parish ensign was created by the historic Gustavo Gomez Mejia. There is a turquoise disc in the middle, encircled by a rounding. "Bucaramanga is open to the four skylines of the homeland under the blues of heaven and protected by the generosity of his sons' blood," is inscribed.

Bucaramanga Downtown, Santander Park and the Triadhouse. A nationally recognized manufacturing branch that has been established in Bucaramanga is the shoe manufacturing area. This is why the Association of Shoe Manufacturers, Asoinducals, is based in the town. 3% of the Bucaramanga household develops an economical business in its houses. Concerning the town' s countryside section, DANE numbers showed that 75.

There is also a multifunctional centre for shows and shows, which offers a place for great shows, puzzles, sport and work. Bucaramanga has a number of conference rooms and meetings that make it possible to organise meetings for businesses throughout the state. Bucaramanga will host the International Children's Fashion Exhibition (EIMI).

During the last few years several large retail centres and business premises have been constructed in Bucaramanga. One example is the La Florida retail park, a six-story retail park with two footbridges and a vehicle overpass. The new Megamall retail centre was constructed in 2007, where the first shop of the multi-national Carrefour retail chain was opened in the town.

During the following years, three more commercial centres were established in other parts of the city: A further commercial quarter called "Cabecera del Llano" comprises five large malls: the first one is in the centre of the city: Kabecera I, II and III as well as the more famous Cabecera IV and the Quinta or V mall.

Acropolis is situated in an area called Ciudadela Real de Minas, while San Andresito Mall and the refurbished (2005) Capaveral Mall are situated in the south of the town, as is El Cacique Mall, opened in November 2012 and one of the biggest in Latin America.

There are several cinemas of big corporations like Cine Colombia, Cine Royal and Cinemark, clothes shops like Adidas, Levi's and local labels like Arturo Calle, as well as eateries and coffee shops like Presto, El Corral, McDonald's, Crêpes & Waffles, Juan Valdez. Exito, one of Colombia's biggest supermarket chain, has five branches throughout the country and a hub for East Colombia.

Meanwhile the group has seven branches in the town. Bucaramanga also has small branches such as Mercomfenalco, Cootracolta, Cajasan and others. Panoramic views of the village of Bucaramanga in 2006. Metrolínea Trunk Highway in Bucaramanga - Floridablanca and Canaveral Stop. Metrolínea' is the integrated public transport system of Bucaramanga.

Libertador Avenue (Diagonal 15), self-central, Prospero Finch Avenue (27th Avenue), La Cumbre, Highway Floridablanca Villabel Bucarica and with 91 stops. Buccaramanga is linked to the continent by two highways. Palonegro Bucaramanga Parkport. Bucaramanga's regional and local airports are Palonegro and Palonegro Regional Airports, situated on the Palonegro hills to the western side of the region and near the city of Lebrija.

Opened in 1974, it replaces the old Gómez Niño Gómez Real de Minas Gómez Real de Minas Gómez North. Palonegro is currently managed by the Colombo-Korean SAS East Airports Group. You will find regular departures from most of Colombia's big towns as well as regular departures from Panama.

Bucaramanga is home to many important figures from Colombia, such as Luis Carlos Galán, the 1989 assassinated president of Colombia, Carlos Ardila Lülle, one of Colombia's most important business people, Claudia Florez and Ivan Garzón. Oscar Rodríguez Naranjo, a Columbian painter, returned from France during the Second World War and set up shop in Bucaramanga.

Roderíguez Naranjo lectured at the arts college while creating a series of works that would establish his fame in Colombia. In 1941 he became director of the Academia de Bellas Artes in Bucaramanga. Margarita Velandia, the renowned painter, is known for her work in the Municipal Museums. Bucaramanga Modern Arts Centre.

Bucaramanga's art has several forms of expression, from fine art such as paintings, sculptures and photographs to experiential demos that integrate new technologies for art communications such as film. In the course of the town' s development it has housed many different kinds of cultures, which has led to the formation of art groups within the town.

Bucaramanga's most important pillar of civilization is the literary one, because in the past there was a literary civilization that brought forth a number of authors. Bibliothekservices, Kunstwerkstätten and a multiplicity of exhibitions and Kulturarbeiten from the different quarters of the town offers the Institut.

It promotes these intercultural events with investments from the public sector. There is also a culture broadcast channel in Bucaramanga (station Culture Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento) on 100. Bucaramanga's traditional recipes are Santander mutton (a different cereal broth with different meats ), frikassee, a mixture of gut and kidloin, blended with wild whites, fried meats, corn pelados and chamales.

Oblea, a large, community-like waffle, and Bucaramanga's delicious chocolate waffle, a kind of mashed fruits toffee, or crushed butterscotch or dinner, are just a few of the many delicacies found in Bucaramanga. Bucaramanga and adjacent communities can boast a wide range of tourist activities, environmental tourist through its park, adventurous Ruitoque tourist center in 15 minute driving from the town is the "Voladero the Eagle", where you can go paragliding.

Further colleonial edifices are to be found in the neighbouring communities of the town. The touristic variety of Bucaramanga meant that, through a referendum called by Colombia, it became one of the seven travel destination of nation sovereignty - Leidenschaft and Bavaria. Buccaramanga has a very good accommodation system, some of which has been put together by some of the best hotels in the state.

A number of areas of the town centre are important places to eat and night clubs in the town. Panoramic views from the viewing platform of Bucaramanga Palonegro, near the international airports. There is a panoramic sight of the town to the west of Bucaramanga, the street to Cucuta. Here is the Holy Heart sculpture visiting at Easter and the residents and members of the community believe that the sculpture works wonders.

Halonegro: Along the way to the homonymous aerodrome, where one has a magnificent sight on the Bucaramanga metro area, on the spot several night clubs were frequented by Enzuentan and especially on weekend. It is 9 km from Bucaramanga. The goldmines, established in 1631, were important during the period of Colonialism with their enormous architectonic legacy and made them a memorial to the nation.

121 kilometers (75 miles) from Bucaramanga. The cradle of the revolt of the inhabitants of the hamlet, situated in the district of Comunera, northeast division of Santander. Established in 1681 and 1711, it was given the titles "Very Noble and Loyal Villa". 118 km from the centre of Bucaramanga, the Parra Pradilla dynasty established the parish of Bucaramanga around the worship of the Virgin of the Stone. In May 1975 the parish of Bucaramanga was named "Colombia's sweetest small town" and was proclaimed a "National Monument" by decision 005 of 30 June 1975. This small country with cobbled roads and wood balcony is an haven of calm and beauty:

Bucaramanga: 96 km (60 miles) from San Gil. It is the historical centre of the city with precipitous roads and on the shore of the Fonce National Monument. Bucharamanga has the Estadio Alfonso López, with a present production of 28,000. Atlético Bucaramanga and Real Santander are the regional stadiums of the city.

The Vicente Diaz Romero Colosseum has a total of 8,000 seats for other sporting activities. A further sport centre in the town is the Edmundo Luna Santos Colosseum, situated in the Ciudadela Real de Minas area. 2010 saw the start of building the bicentennial Alejandro Galvis Ramirez Colosseum for the 2011 Futsal World, an annual gathering that took place in Colombia.

Buccaramanga was twice the venue of the National Games in 1941 and 1996, head office of the Pan American Cycling Championships in 2000 Challenger ATP Seguros Bolivar Tennis in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Returned on November 10, 2016. Brought back on February 1, 2013. Archives from the originals, August 15, 2016.

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