British Museum

The British Museum

It houses an extensive collection of world art and artefacts and is free for all visitors. Located in London's Bloomsbury district, the British Museum is a public institution dedicated to human history, art and culture. Museum of the world, for the world. A visit to the British Museum in London is free of charge. It is one of the largest museums in the world!

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The British Museum in London is free of charge. It is one of the largest museum in the whole wide globe! Established in 1753, the British Museum's outstanding collections cover more than two million years of mankind a year. Savour a unrivalled cross-referencing of the riches of global culture under one umbrella around the splendid Great Court.

As well as the extensive and extensive long-term exhibition, the museum's temporary exhibits, expositions and activities are aimed at promoting an appreciation of the collections and the culture they have. The museum is free of charge. For temporary shows and some shows there are ticket prices - now you can reserve your tickets on-line so you don't miss them.

Pictures of the British Museum

The British Museum images is the ultimate resource for high-quality pictures from the British Museum Collections. In addition to breathtaking photographs, we provide 3-D pictures, videos, scientific pictures and customized photographs as well as research tools and tips to help you license your work. Of the museum's eight million items, the latest on-line collection of around 37,000 pictures is only a small part. However, new pictures are added every few weeks.

The British Museum Images ist Mitglied der BAPLA (British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies) und hält sich an den BAPLA Code of Professional Ethics. The museum benefits from all our net income and its obligation to make the museum open to all, as well as the financing of its key operations, which include research, preservation and schooling.

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