British Longhair

Britsh Longhair

British Longhair is a medium sized, half-longhaired domestic cat originating in Great Britain. British Longhair is a mixture of British Shorthair and Persian and offers the unique coat characteristics of a Persian and the temperament of a British Shorthair. British Longhair (also known as Lowlander) has a similar origin to British Shorthair. Explore the price and personality of British long-haired cats and kittens. This British long-haired cat is built like a linebacker, but covered with beautiful plush fur.

Great British long-haired cat breed information, advice on buying, photos, facts and figures

British Longhair is a half-longhaired British Shorthair which is not often seen in Great Britain today, although it is gradually becoming more popular. British Shorthair was first introduced to Great Britain in the 18th century after being derived from females bred to native short-haired British breeds by the Romans in the first century AD.

British Shorthair's appeal as a purebred increased and decreased over the course of the 20th cent. Although it has gained dynamism again in the last twenty years. During the early British Shorthair era (shortly after World War I) they were paired with long-haired long-haired feline races from oversee.

In the 1940' s, during World War II, many races went into decay, and once again short haired with Persians to try to preserve the race. UK longhair can be up to 18 pounds, although the female is usually slightly smaller than the male.

In exhibitions they like to be placed on the judge's carriage or the stage and are often called "four foot on the ground" by the growers. Of course, this kitten is as frisky as any kitten, but once they grow up, they can be quite settled and often like to take a nap instead of chasing a game.

The British long-haired cat is a powerful cat that is not known to have race-specific medical conditions, and many of them are up to a very good middle-aged teenager. If you like British longhair, click'I like'.

British-language introduction

Cheeky British Shorthair with her cheeky and cheerful smiles is known as the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland. The robust beary has a big smiling face and a soft fur coating, in combination with a beautiful nature that makes them great animals for families. This cat dates back to the Roman cat population and is one of the oldest races of British males.

Formerly a barn ranger and guardian, the British Shorthair now encompasses familial living and prefers to sleep comfortably by the fire and trade the hunt for play with mouses. British Longhair uses the British Shorthair formula and add a longer fur, resulting in an impressive long-haired cats with the same qualities that have made British Shorthair such a faithful mate.

Originally the Britsh Shorthaired began with Egyptian importation, which the Romans followed when they marched into Britain. When the race evolved, between 1914 and 1918 the Persians made hybrids with the Persians, who introduced the long hair gen. Shorthaired females were part of the UK Shorthair and longhaired females entered the Farsi herd.

The short hair was already early of two different types: the robust, small Brit with its round and the long, smart Russian with its triangle-shape. In the aftermath of World War I, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) stated that only descendants of the third generations of Persian/British shorthaired crucifixes could be shown.

As a result, the number of animals was diminished and the emergence of the Second World War also affected the race. The British Shorthair strains were almost gone after the Second World War so that the breeder mixed with native Shorthair, Russians Blue and Persian among others. Longhaired cats sometimes appear in throws, but as a race they languish in oblivion.

Brilliant English kittens are kind and loving and enjoy the attentiveness in an unpretentious way. These cheerful and fortunate men have regard, but welcome attentiveness from everyone, while the more serious women are real UK women who expect the right shape and label from those whose attentiveness they take on. This faithful and dedicated companion is not a pet, but wants to be where you are and cuddle next to you on the couch.

Although not very energetic, they have their crazy times playing the buffoon like kitties. Silent and discreet, these smart kitties rule their Indoors Kingdom with a tranquil manner. British Shorthair has a brief, ultra thick fluffy cloak with a crunchy grip, so you want to hide your hand in her luxury duff.

British longhair add length to the thick fur so that it contrasts with the rest of the puppy's physique and emphasizes the impressive curves of the puss. Pointed kittens have dark brown and pointed ones have dark greyish silver-eye. Classical blues remain the most beloved colour, but the race comes in a Rainbow of colours.

British are mid-sized to large, dense, strongly constructed females with a wide, full breast, shorter, strong feet and a shorter, thick cock that tapers slightly to a round tip. British Shorthair has a solidity emphasized by the fluffy cloak, while British Longhaired makes an impressive appearance when the full fur whirls around the round, muscles.

Her round faces have shorter nose, pudgy cheekbones and striking, round whiskers that give the face an mysterious smile. The care of the British Shorthair fur in top state is simple, because the fur does not get tangled. Slightly more combs in early and autumn ensure that the changing of fur during the season does not turn into died off fur.

British long-haired coats take more work, but everyday brushing avoids any confusion. It' a good plan to bath your British longhair on a regular basis to keep the fur in topform. Those kittens like to eat and can put on a lot of extra body mass with their sitting ways, so it is important to keep an eye on their servings to make sure they don't get overweight.

Bringing teaser toy offers a lot of gym amusement; your cat's workout will add racing to her days; and hunting a dragon pin will output a real work to her muscles. toy.

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