British Longhair

Britsh Longhair

British Longhair is a medium sized, half-longhaired domestic cat originating in Great Britain. British Longhair is a mixture of British Shorthair and Persian and offers the unique coat characteristics of a Persian and the temperament of a British Shorthair. British Longhair (also known as Lowlander) has a similar origin to British Shorthair. Explore the price and personality of British long-haired cats and kittens. This British long-haired cat is built like a linebacker, but covered with beautiful plush fur.

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British Longhair is a half-longhaired British Shorthair which is not often seen in Great Britain today, although it is gradually becoming more popular. British Shorthair was first introduced to Great Britain in the 18th century after being derived from females bred to native short-haired British breeds by the Romans in the first century AD.

British Shorthair's appeal as a purebred increased and decreased over the course of the 20th cent. Although it has gained dynamism again in the last twenty years. During the early British Shorthair era (shortly after World War I) they were paired with long-haired long-haired feline races from oversee.

In the 1940' s, during World War II, many races went into decay, and once again British Shorthair was paired with Persians to try to preserve the race. British longhair can be up to 18 pounds, although the female is usually slightly smaller than the male.

In exhibitions they like to be placed on the judge's carriage or the stage and are often called "four foot on the ground" by the growers. Of course, this kitten is as frisky as any kitten, but once they grow up, they can be quite settled and often like to take a nap instead of chasing a game.

The British long-haired cat is a powerful cat that is not known to have race-specific medical conditions, and many of them are up to a very good middle-aged teenager. If you like British longhair, click'I like'.


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