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Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar. Use environmental science disciplines to drive forward the reform of distance learning and the creation of an open university in Myanmar. Die neuesten Tweets vom British Council (@BritishCouncil). Postings tagged'British Council Myanmar'. Excursion to Myanmar/Burma;

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The aim is to provide information about the inconveniences of the new system. I' m a frequent visitor to your libary. I really like the automatic lending system, but the web connectivity is so bad, the new machinery is not working and it takes a long period of blogs to lend and get back.

During the rush hour the sound level is quite high, the kids play in the bookshelves, some talk loud and the music mix. Because of changes in the librarian system, we always have to allow 10 to 20 minutes (sometimes up to 30 minutes during rush hours) to lend or give back a book.

In the old system, we never waited 20 or 30 minutes. There' s so many new and good ones. I can find them there whenever I want to study business literature. It' a very good one and I suggest having more and more managerial works in the lib.

It' been such a great place to study English. You' re teaching how not to know what to know in a language.yep! I like it. Heads of the librarians and all members of the account management staff, as well as the teamleader, are not in charge of grievances and requests and always try to mop their ass.

I' d like to study your command of the language. There are many such men. The majority of Myanmar residents said it supports our knowledge of Myanmar and then it showed us how it works. I' d like to study to write and listen in German, but I don't know how to start.

I am still learning German, I used to love all your mail and I always have. I really am interested in learning it. I really want to go to university in British C. I think this is to increase my knowledge of Englishl.

Useful for me to study and I think my knowledge of the language would improve soon.

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