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Britsh Shorthair Cat Breed Guide: A group for people who love British Shorthair to promote the Colourpoint & White pattern. We would like to receive your photos of your Colourpoint and your Whites. Receive information about the British Shorthair cat, including facts, history, personality traits and what it is like to live with this breed. All you need to know about British Shorthair, including care, health problems, history, adoption, finding a good breeder and much more.

Domestic and Animal

Mom and papa are our domestic animals, both pedigrees can be seen on demand. Papa is chick--.... We' re a small GCFC certified amateur grower and our area code is bellyacats. Nice all British shorthaired cats. We' ve got three pretty British kitties for you. Nice throw of British shorthaired cats. Papa is a British shorthaired mackerel.

Beautiful child his mother is tortie British mother tortie shorts father a long coat long coat silvery creme Persians both parent can be seen fine temper raised ay home..... I' ve got three more guys. Hi, I have two males and one females who need to find a home. British sheer shorthaired cats, willing to go to their lovingly home in 4 sabbaths.

I' m sellin' three lovely British shorthaired cats. Our cats are all GCCF certified.

Antipyretic The Silver Shorthair Colourpoint

British silver-coloured shorthair catkins, also known as chinchillas, are very seldom in Great Britain. Colourpoint British Shorthair catkins with their shining bluish coloured eye are even more seldom. Silvery British Shorthair and Colourpoint British Shorthair are the most conspicuous males.

You have a shiny glistening effect when walking, only the tops of each hide are dyed....this produces a shiny, glistening effect. Then there are the eyes......bright greens or shiny blues, fed with dark eyeliners and surrounded by a gorgeous blank face with nothing but the quietest tobacco marks through.

One of my very good friends described looking at our silver-coloured Colourpoint cats as''like looking at a diamond'. When we saw the shady silvery Colourpoint with its penetrating deep pink eye, we loved each other..... that was many years ago! We' re very happy to announce the first litters of our Colourpoint cats in December 2018.

Well, if you like these magic monkeys as much as we do, take a look at this room. GCCF recognizes British Shorthair monkeys in colour, but does not yet recognize coloured silvery monkeys, so these monkeys are recorded at TICA or WCF. There is a long way to go before the genetic basis of the silvery colored feline is known, and we are currently working with scientists in the USA to try to further develop the available genetic basis.

Embroidered tobacco is a striped kitten that does not strip the deeper color from the root to the tip of the head, but only the tip of the head. Wideband or a series of genes further limit the tobacco patterns and limit it to the ends of the coat.

You can see that these two have the same effect: the limitation of the dark color to the tip of the coat. When we combine the two, we get a real chinchilla silvery colored cats. For non-chinchilla-coloured British Shorthair, the shade will cover about half or more of each of them.

For a chinchilla with British Shorthair, the shade is limited to the top eight hairs, or even less. This is why Chinchilla silber shaded British Shorthairs are what is often referred to as the'Ultra Wideband'. We do not yet know whether the broadband is due to a singular genome or to a series of polygenic genes.

Also it is already known whether the gen or those into which the disease is caused are either repessive or dominating. One suspects that the silvery and chinchilla scenes originate from Persians, hence the name. Colourpoint is a transgenic species, so it must be passed on from both parent to make a Colourpoint female.

There are two different colourpoint genes: Colourpoint-genes limit the pigments in the coat and are bound to the temperatures, so that the colder parts of the cats have the most pigments and the warmest parts very little of them. As a result, the tails, heads, eyes and feet have more pigments and are normally colored, but the principal part of the skin has hardly any color.

Colourpoint changes the eye color of a female animal to blu. Blueyes are unbelievably hard to grow. It' almost not possible to find a color point with very dark green coloured eye - in fact her eye is rather siver. So.......if you combine this with the silvery genes....then we have a really extraordinary and singular cat: a very bright and bright bodied, whose coat ends are shadowed, whose bodies are very bright and whose eyes are really azure.

There has been a lot of effort and care put into the creation of the British Shorthair and we are very thankful to all who have put so much effort into the creation of this lovely Colourpoint . Another evolution is the appearance of the British Shorthair and, more recently, the British Shorthair Cats.

They are covered in a seperate paper, but their colors are also based on the Genen Worldwide Band and Ultra-Wideband. More british shorthair review.....

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