British Colorpoint

Brittish Colorpoint

The Bi Colourpoint or Colour & White, as it is also called, is one of the newer coat patterns of the British Shorthair cat. Britsh Shorthair Colorpoint Cattery from Little Nina,SK. British colorpoint cat and kittens available for sale. Image of Big color-point British Shorthair Cat standing on isolated black background, side view stock photo, images and stock photography. Short haired British Colourpoint and Silver Shadded Cattery.


When there' s something they don't like, they'll tell you, though not as talkative as the siameses, the short-haired ones are still pretty noisy. They' re getting along with other mice. They used Abyssinian and white tobaccoomestic Shorthair for the outcrossing. It has been shown that there are cases of AMYLOIDOSE, a condition that arises when a kind of macromolecule known as an AMYLOIDE is dumped in the bodily system, especially in the livers of members of the SIAMES.

They like to get involved in active brain-stimulating activities and playing fett.


She is the proud dam of four gorgeous kittens: Nice all British kitten. Nice throw of British kitten. Papa is a British shorthaired mackerel. Britisch Shorthaired Kitten you will not be prepared for their new houses until 26/09/2017 kitten will be completely weaned from us.....

Now I have two beautiful British short-haired kitties at my disposal, accustomed to everyday domestic sounds and good with kids and other mothers. Nine-week-old young British short-haired kitten. Pretty tagged young dewormed kitty bedding coaches. Britisch short-haired kitten for sell £550 each. She was dewormed, fully vaccinated, vet examined and whelped, very kind little kitties they use for dogs and other kitties. Now. And now. And now. And now. And now. And now. And now....

Wonderful British long-haired catkins for sal! The best British long-haired catkins for the post-20 June. The 4 most fun, charming and beautifull cats..... Feminine 2 male tabbies You will be willing to be leaving about July 19, but can.....

Britisch Kurzhaar | Cats & Kittens for sale

Lovely British shorthaired spotted lad. Floh and worms treatment, 4 week free health care and a sachet of feed. British-haired - about 18-week-old. Lovely British longhaired, two on the lefthand side. Favourite dark beverage male; A raunchy tobby woman they dwelling unneurotic, £380 for the two.

Nice x British kitten for sal. Daddy is our British Shorthaired Kitten and mothers are saved mothers. There are nine kitties, all male. Nice british shorthaired catkins for sal. Nice colors. Brindle and typed brown.

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