Brief History of Myanmar

A Brief History of Myanmar

A brief history of southern Myanmar. Mr Anawrantha defeats the Kingdom of Thaton to unite Burma for the first time in history what was known as the Pagan Empire. Burma has a long history of xenophobia and tension.

Burma's history in brief

Indians used to call it the land of gold.

Then, in 1287, the Mongols entered Burma. Later on, in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, the Bamar came to life again.

1785 his heir Bodawpaya took West Burma. So, he came to govern all of Burma.

However, the Burmese then came into dispute with the Brits in India. There were three battles between the Brits and the Burmese. After another one they took parts of South Burma in 1852.

There was a revolution in Burma in 1932, but it was defeated.

In January 1942 the Japs entered Burma.

Myanmar became self-sufficient on January 4, 1948.

A lot of men have been either murdered or arrested.

Burma holds by-elections in 2012 and wins a parliamentary chair.

Burma now has 54 million people.

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