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The Tanzania News App offers current news, trend news, current news, daily news, headlines, articles, information, facts & updates about Tanzania . Udom plans to introduce biomedical studies in Tanzania. Demonstrators break into the Turkana oil field. Articles about current news from Tanzania by John. Watch the latest news about Tanga Tanzania together with Tanga Tanzania live news at Times of India.


Leaderin Primatologin Dr. Jane Goodall says that the work of Wayne Lotter made a big distinction in the struggle to rescue Tanzania's elephant from the illicit trafficking of ivory" The keys to reach the top of Africa's highest peak?

One has to take it `pole' `This event has done a great deal of damage' ` Unfortunately all giraffe, not only whites like Omo, are endangered by bush poaching' place nicknames are almost never the same.

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In Zanzibar, a special loan line (LOC) of US$ 92.18 million was granted to Tanzania to fund the renovation and upgrading of the Zanzibar region's drinking and waste disposal facilities. It was published here as part of a Memorandum of Understanding for external co-operation in the hydrographical sector between Tanzania and India on the sharing of hydrographical information to foster hydrographical co-operation and developement through the conduct of research, capability build and strengthen infrastructures, declared an ENC-approval.

Ashok Leyland said in a BSE notification that the order also covers the delivery of workshop design tools, education and related ambulance tools. "So, since we have shared responsibilities, we need to formulate a shared policies, collaboration and strategies for a future and a fate," Rear Admiral Laswai said to journalists after he inspected the Honor Guard on the South Block lawn.

Mr Modi returned from Kenya, the last part of his trip, which included Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania. The Tanzanian Medicines Agency has declared that it will stop and ban imports of the best-selling Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate Injection now. Said the firm has received the agreement from the Dar Es Sallam Water and Sewerage Authorities (DAWASA), Tanzania, and plans to conclude it in the next 15-18 month or so.

It will now offer ringback tones to Airtel customers in Nigeria in parallel to those in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Madagascar, Rwanda and Malawi. Last December, Bharti Airtel reported the sale of over 1,100 telecommunications tower units in Zambia and Rwanda to IHS Holding for an estimate of 180-200 million US dollars.

Airtel will rent back the tower from IHS under the 10-year-agreement. and Ethiopia, the firm said in a BSE file. It has been awarded a 465 crore project for the construction of five overseas overhead line contracts in Tanzania, Ukraine, Thailand, Tajikistan and Ethiopia.

It has already carried out this operation on a piloting scale in Ghana, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya and Singapore. Vinod K Dasari, Ashok Leyland, CEO, said that as many as 1,000 cars on the roads in 11 different markets are a testament to good quality vehicle designs, sound technology and a high level of brandacceptability.

Communication is one of the most rapidly expanding industries in Eastern Africa's second largest country, with seven actors in the wireless sector competing for shares of the markets and reducing tolls. In the next eight years, India is expected to achieve 7.9 per cent compound year on year increase, almost twice the forecast 4.6 per cent increase in China.

The ONGC Videsh Ltd, the offshore branch of Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC), Oil India Ltd and a Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd (BPCL) entity together own 30 per cent of the shares in Rovuma Area-1, which is valued at up to 75 trillion cf. As part of the overall system, the business will provide truck, bus, lightweight truck, spare parts and related service, including education and development consulting, Ashok Leyland said in a declaration.

In addition, the enterprise will take into account different demands for transport in various tourist and economical growth programs. L&T has eight production sites in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, apart from six locations in India, said L&T Senior Vice Präsident and E&A Business Head S C Bhargava. Tanzania's authorities will begin discussions to buy back a shareholding in a state-owned telecommunications enterprise from the Indian Bharti Airtel's domestic affiliate.

A high meteorologist said Kenya has rescinded a tidal wave alert along its coast on Wednesday after a strong Indonesian quake.

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