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Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal today authorised the "Mukhyamantri Tirth Yatra Yojana" for seniors, under which the Delhi administration will pay the costs of 77,000 annual travelers. Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A), which has received an official 52-crore GST communication, has asked the HRD Department of the Union to interfere with its Treasury colleagues to solve the problem.

The Petroleum Ministry considers itself "God" or a "super-government" and believes that the "unemployed" judge are at their mercy, as the Supreme Tribunal has ruled today. The Delhi Tribunal today brought an action for libel against Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) campaigner Medha Patkar in a case brought against her by the Chairman of the Khadi Village and Industries Commission (KVIC), Mr. V. K. Saxena.

CDU/CSU Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said today that the proposals of some politicians for a GST tariff plate was a "ridiculous proposal". Today, the HRD Ministry has awarded three state and three privately owned research establishments the title "Institutions of Eminence", giving them full independence and specific incentive to present them as "world-class universities".

The Bihar head minister Nitish Kumar today rejected stories of a "rift" between his Janata Dal (United) and BJP allies over the distribution of headquarters in the forthcoming Lok Sabha surveys, and added that he was in no rush to solve the spiky issue. Seven defendants of group-raping and killing an eight-year-old in Kathua are being transferred from a Jammu and Kashmir penitentiary to Gurdaspur county penitentiary in Punjab, as ordered by the Supreme Court today.

If the defendants' family comes to see them, their travelling costs will be paid by the Jammu and Kashmir governments, the Supreme Judicial Authority said. On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Moon Jae of Korea opened the world's largest moving plant in Noida near Delhi.

Not able to obtain further funding from the Ministry of Finance under the Nirbhaya Fund, Indian Railways is investigating the credit line to generate 2,500 cores to deploy CCTV' at all railway terminals and buses to provide state-of-the-art monitoring throughout the country's railway system. Godrej Group has appealed to the Supreme Court of Bombay against the planned purchase of its main assets in the suburb of Vikhroli to open the way for the government's high-speed railway construction between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

The Bihar Chief Secretary Nitish Kumar said today that the Union Secretary Giriraj Singh's gathering with detained Bayrang Dal militants in the Nawada region was "unacceptable" and made it clear that his administration would not allow any attempt to disrupt the municipal harmonies in the state. India's Supreme Court on Monday denied the plea to investigate the key convictions of three attackers in a infamous raping and killing of a young Indian kid who shaken India in 2012, taking them one stage nearer to a possible hanging.

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