Breaking new Myanmar

Departure into the new Myanmar

We are here to provide you with the best news from the best sources in the world. News, headlines, analyses, photos and videos from the New Republic. New routes and trips to unusual destinations such as Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and parts that remain untouched by other tour operators will also be launched. Myanmar New Year celebration. The Myanmar leader Suu Kyi visits the troubled state of Rakhine.

The Myanmar Society for Applied Geosciences e.V.

Myanmar's opening in recent years has led to a constant flow of tourism, policy experts, engineering consultants, graduates and overseas companies. Decades of isolating large parts of the globe have left Myanmar's tradition and peoples relatively untouched by modernisation, although this is now a fast onset.

The geoscientists are also fascinated by Myanmar's geosciences and its possibilities. Although rich in minerals and nature, much of the nation is still relatively closed to the public for research and practice. Burma also is suffering from degrading forests, inadequateland use and release of mine and industry waste and farm waste water.

The excursion concentrates on areas of interest to geoscientists, while the landscape offers an unforgettable setting. On November 1, 2017, we will optionally host a Pre-Conference Workshop for everyone interested in naval geoscience. For further information please refer to our "Pre-Conference Maritime Geo-sciences Workshop" page.

Australian tied up in Myanmar trial

Ross Dunkley, a bound editor from Australia, has come to Myanmar for drugs offences. Ross Dunkley, an author from Australia, was arrested in a Myanmar tribunal in bonds and fetters at the beginning of his lawsuit for drugs allegations that could see him imprisoned unrestricted. The Irrawaddy said that Dunkley was taken to the Western District Courts in Yangon on Friday together with another Western man, John McKenzie, and five Western woman between the ages of 19 and 29.

Paragraph 19 (a) provides for property and trade for resale and provides for a fine of at least 10 years in a federal penitentiary up to a ceiling of "indefinite imprisonment". The seven were all arrested after a June 7 roundup at Dunkley's leased house in Bahan, Yangon, where cops reportedly confiscated 797 x 797 x 303 gram of crystalline methamphetamines or "ice".

Dunkley former Dunkley boyfriend Stuart Alan Becker said only family members were permitted to go to visit him. Said Dunkley's woman Cynda and two Perth-born kids were due to be arriving in Yangon on July 17. A former Walkley Prize laureate who created and published the Myanmar Times in 2000, Dunkley was also instrumental in the acquisition of the Phnom Penh Post in 2007, which was recently divested to Malaysia.

After a stony period in Myanmar when he tried to handle the reigning regime, he turned out with the new leaders after his associate Sonny Swe was given a 14-year prison sentence for violating the law ofensorship.

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