Brazilian Shorthair

Brasilian Shorthair

Many speculations about the early development of Brazilian Shorthair. Brasilian Shorthair (several Brazilian Shorthair). This is a medium-sized, short-haired domestic cat breed originating in Brazil. Beschreibung - The Brazilian Shorthair is a medium sized cat of great agility. Brasilian shorthair cats are medium-sized cats with muscular and compact bodies.

Brasilian Shorthair - Facts and Information

Braziilian Shorthair comes from the..... Many speculations about the early evolution of the Brasilian Shorthair. It is believed that it was born in 1500 AD when Europeans took their kittens to Brazil - these kittens were then raised with native ones, which led to a type that adapted to the ancestors.

As a result, pure bred Brasilian Shorthair was developed. One of the characteristics of the Brasilian Shorthair is..... It has a powerful but sprightly physique and is a middle sized cats. Shorthair is only a moderately shed, which requires little care and a good selection of breeds for the pride of the family.

It is the typical Brasilian Shorthair..... Owner, breeder and enthusiast have described the race as soft, loving and very social and want to participate in all activities around the house. While the Brasilian Shorthair is an elegance race, it is an avid and sprightly fighter and benefits from both indoors and out.

Brazilians have a healthier short-haired coat weighing on averages 8-12 lbs, with a lifespan of 12-15 years. For no race is without its infirmity.....

Brasilian Shorthair Cat Information and facts

There is a good chance that you have never even seen the short-haired pelo Curto Brasileiro. Shorthair has always been a favourite in Brazil because it is so good at preventing pests and because it is so soft and friendly by its natural properties.

Brazilian Shorthair is a very flexible female with a wonderful tenderness.


Brazilian Shorthair is the first Brazilian kitten to gain worldwide acclaim. It had evolved without rule or concern; until the 1980', Brazilian-born Paulo Samuel Ruschi, a New York City-based kitten farmer, began to set the race rule after he decided to investigate the genetics and morphology of females walking in many Brazilian cities' parklands, backyards and highways.

Noticing that the land had one-of-a-kind kittens - and yet these road kittens had the same look and properties. These are the qualities that make the Brasilian Shorthair-Male. 1998 the first and only recognised breed in Brazil, which today has more than 10 breeding generation, was awarded the title of APROVED BREED by the WCF, the world's biggest cattery.

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