For detailed information on hotels, book accommodation in Bratislava, search the surrounding area on the map and get to know Bratislava. Bratislava Tours The city of Bratislava does not cause any admirable fainting spells, it fascinates. Amidst the Slovak capitol, a floating saucer floats over wooded shores. In spite of the modern walk, Bratislava is still verdant. Situated on the Danube, on the Austria frontier, its undulating park is crossed by footpaths and cycle paths.

It is no wonder that Bratislava seems like a frantic mixture of rugged and urbane, classical and contemporary: it only became the capitol of the recently independence Slovakia in 1993.

The Bratislava region kept towers and places from the flourishing period of the eighteenth centuries, but now the group has been extended by a number of historical buildings (socialist memorials and an eyebrow-throwing statue). By the way, the night life in Bratislava is overwhelming, no matter if you favour indoor beers, roof top drinks or bachelor parties. The places that will be explored during this 2.5-hour trip may differ slightly, but you will see most of them: the first concrete panel house in Czechoslovakia and the biggest European residential development in socialism, Petr?alkaabandoned and demolished industry buildings as a symbol of post-industrial transformation, new developments Communist architectural capitalism (socialist realisticism, functionality, brutalism) political objects:

Sovjet monument SlavĂ­n, 1970s Czech Republic Embassy Museum, 1980s parliamentary building, former leaders' mansions drive under the disputed ufo-like SNP river crossing, which caused the demolition of the Jewish district's Slovak stronghold system in the 1930s, bunker erected against the territory of the Hitler, boundary between former Czechoslovakia and AustriaPlease be aware that in some cases (winter weather condition, repair of cars, etc.).

We cannot guaranty the vintage cars, but they fit to our 1992 VW Caravelle or any other post-communist / capitalistic cars.


BRATISLAVA, the capital of the Slovak Republic, also known as the Beauty on the Danube, not only has an interesting historical heritage, but is also the center of what is currently the most dynamic development zone in Europe. Due to this favorable location it has always been a trading town.

The historical sites today bear witness to the fast pace of growth of the young Slovak Republic. Despite its fascinating past, Bratislava is one of the youngest capital cities in the whole wide range of the globe and its inhabitants are also very young. As the rising number of international tourists from all over the globe shows, the contemporary capital is opening up to Europe and the rest of the globe.

You will be drawn to the cosy atmosphere of the rather small town, which nevertheless has a vibrant community and historical charm coupled with the latest fashions. Palace, fashionable shops and trading centers, beautiful art of Slovak chefs and beer makers, kind locals and various foreign culture and sports activities, expositions and commercial possibilities are the reason why it is rewarding to see Magyars and Queens.

Between 1563 and 1830, eleven monarchs and eight queens were coronated in Bratislava. Bratislava regained its importance in the eighteenth and eighteenth centuries, especially during the rule of Queen Maria Theresa. Bratislava became the center of culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and was the birthplace of Slovak nation-building.

They were stigmatised by the revolution, the workers' movements and the First World War, which after 1918 became the center of Slovakians' politics, economy and culture. Today Bratislava is the capital of the country and the home of the most important government al, business, science and society organizations and organizations. Bratislava Castle is one of the dominant features of the town, which can be seen from afar.

Bratislava's most appealing part is the Old Town, where the most historically important monuments and culture facilities are located. It' s small streets provide an excellent setting for those who enjoy taking strolls and following in the footsteps of ancient times in the midst of the contemporary age. Significant buildings in the town' s old town are all part of the Monument Town Reserve.

The Bratislava Tourism Information Centre provides a wide range of trips and outings.

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