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View - Edit - History. Burma, which we knew in the past as Burma or Brahmadesch, is a closed book. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, will write a kind of history. Brahmadesh, "the land of Brahma". Myanmar bama, but it could also come from the Indian name Brahma-desh.

So why is Burma Brahmadesch?

For worshipping Brahma like Siam / Syam ("Thai Land") and being part of the great Venetian state. What made Burma change its name to Myanmar? What was the point of Burma being split up? And if Burma was part of India today? What were the Brits doing colonizing Burma? Why persecute Muslims in Burma?

What makes Burma so impoverished? Who' s the wealthiest man in Burma? What makes Myanmar (Burma) more prone to China? Are Myanmar Burma or Myanmar residents preferred? Myanmar was a former colony of Britain. Which sites are banned in Burma? The congressional leadership why didn't Burma become integrated with India?

What makes the Burmese Buddha School look so different?

King's Palazzo at Ratnagiri, a tale of fame and defeat.

In 1878 King Thibaw, who was coronated, reigned Burma (now Myanmar) for seven years with his Queen supayalad. This was a period when the King's household was considered demigods; they dwelled at the Golden Palace in Mandalay. In 1885, when the British invaded the ruling Konbaung dictatorship of Burma, they hardly realized that King Thibaw would give up within two wards.

Then they banished the kingly people to Madras (now Chennai) and then to Ratnagiri, a dozy village in Maharashtra. He, theeen and their four girls spent almost 31 years in exil. My girls failed to get an apprenticeship and the whole familiy had no clue what was going on in the outside underworld.

Sudha Shah describes the changes in the Burmese kings' families' lives after they exiled. The exiled Emperor states that the whole household always felt justified in living a regal state. What do you think is the significance of this work in Burma's historic debate? Thibaw was the last Burmese kings and that's why it's important.

It gives an insight into the era of colonisation and empire when the Brits were on a conquest. She describes the mechanisms by which they ruled the life of a missionary or UK official and the effects they had on people's daily life. It is about an important historical character - King Thibaw - and how the Britons treated the Konbaung family.

It' part of the country's history. Thibaw was the 41 st child of Mindon (the Konbaung dynasty). When he was in exile, what was happening to the remainder of his class; did they not try to bring down Britain's domination? Thibaw was royal and his offspring had the right to the right to the royal seat.

You tried, and there was a few years of turmoil in Burma after he was in exile. These riots were relentlessly suppressed by the British. You' ve killed a whole bunch of them. They' d chosen not to want a Konbaung kings. And why were Thibaw, his majesty, his queen overseas?

If they' re in Burma, why don't we lock them up? In Burma, the kings and his families were worshiped as half gods. There was no equal in the kind of respect the nation had for its sovereign and sovereign. The British would never have let him remain in the land. If he had been living in the countryside, it would have been the case that the British would have come to him to revitalise the empire, and it was very clear that they did not want it.

His Majesty King Thibaw reigned Burma for seven years, from 1878 to 1885. Dissatisfaction existed in the land, but there was very little King Thibaw could do about the terms. Thus, when the worldwide appetite for travel soared, travelled from Lower Burma, which had already been invaded by the British in a previous one.

As a result, the price of travel rose in the UK and had an inflated effect on all produce. Yet the royalty, the royalty and the royalty were revered. Nobody ever saw the eyes of the LORD; men were bowing before them. He and the kingdom had complete command; they had the authority of lives and deaths over their population.

Burma's regal family's emigration must have left Burma's community empty? All the frame on which it had been erected fell apart, and years later the humans were still awaiting their kings. And why did the British take over the empire? Myanmar is very near India, the gem in the British Empire's throne.

Myanmar also leaned on the French for their help, and the British didn't want the French so near to them. Burma also had many indigenous sources, olive groves, petroleum, gas, ruby and wood. It became a trade and the British wanted an easier way to get there.

They are located in Burma's historic, societal and educational contexts. It was my intention to comprehend how humans, who have total control, can handle it when they are completely taken away from them. What was the story of King Thibaw, the king and his four girls after they were banished to Ratnagiri?

In 1885 King Thibaw and the King's kingdom were banished to Ratnagiri. This was a small city and the whole familiy was living for almost 30 years without any kind of outreach. The British simply didn't feel this choice. So they banished the King's household to a small city and there were not many institutions there, so where would they have been trained?

Twenty-five girls were able to literate. Their teachings came from the Emperor and the Empress. There was no training in history, reading orography. Which were the character features of the Königs, the Königin? He was not very competitive; he was very well written in Buddhist writings and had won a price in an ordeal.

He was a kindhearted man. She was very competitive and very reckless, although she had a great grasp of humor. She' got into a deep state during her exiles. I really wanted to know in the whole of my extended life why the first girl was so lonesome, why she couldn't go out and couldn't date.

So two of your girls didn't get very good men married? What happened to their life after the end of Brazil's political war? His third daugther moved to Maymyo in Burma. So the British sent them into exiles to bring down Burma.

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