Boutique Hotels in Mandalay Myanmar

Mandalay Myanmar Boutique Hotels

Red Canal Hotel. This is a real boutique hotel in the heart of Mandalay. Very cozy, inexpensive, family-run guesthouse in an ideal location. Locate the best accommodation in Mandalay, Myanmar, with our very quick highlights search. The majority of facilities are above Myanmar's hotel standard.

Best of Burma - Top 5 Boutique Hotels

Inquire everyone what his favorite boutique real estate in Burma is, and they'll always say it's the governor's residence in Belmond. Situated in Burma's culture capitol Yangon, this magnificent estate is a small haven with wonderful backyards, huge bathrooms and a stylish look. Drive to Karen State just south of Yangon and experience the breathtaking landscape with many boulders and caverns.

Hpa-An Lodge is famous for its weavery and I got a nice top that I can take home with me. It is a delightful meal and the guesthouse itself consists of only 18 houses, making it a wonderful quiet country town. Situated half way between Mandalay and Bagan, Yandabo Home is a great way to interrupt your trip without going on a real one.

It is also of historic importance because it was there that the Pact was concluded which ended the first Anglo-Burmese uprising. Villa Inle Resort & Spa is located on the shore of the quiet Lake Inle. It is one of the few hotels in Inle with a swimming pools with 27 mansions.

Situated in the centre of Mandalay, the Red Canal is a real boutique resort. Situated in wonderful tropic garden and the meal in the chef's lodge is overlookable.

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Myanmar boutique hotels are located in the major tourist areas, but must be reserved well in advance during the high seasons. Yangon boutique hotels in Yangon are The Strand, The Governor's Residence and The Savoy. Bagan has 3 or 4 beautiful boutique hotels, among them Thiri Marlar. The Inle Lake boutique hotels comprise the Inle Princess and Inle Lake View.

The Ngapali Bay Villas is a very good alternative for a boutique beachside resource in Myanmar. New to Mandalay's small range of boutique hotels - in the centre of Mandalay. High-quality boutique luxurious Inle Lake boutique accommodation with a range of detached villas. Mandalay's best boutique property.

Luxurious boutique residence on Ngapali Beaches with privately owned mansions in Burma and Europe. A tranquil boutique retreat in Ngapali with only 29 large wood cottages. In Ngapali Beaches, Amata is an ideal choice for a tranquil and relaxed boutique after a trip through Burma. Secluded hideout in Myanmar's Andaman Sea.

Situated in a great downtown area, The Loft is a great choice to run the mill Yangon Hotels. Affordable boutique in Bagan, just a few minutes walk from the temple. Impeccable renovation of a historic house into a luxurious resort in the centre of Yangon.

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