Boutique Hotel Mandalay

Hotel Mandalay Boutique

That is the favourite part of our guests from Mandalay, as independent reports prove. The property also has one of the best rated locations in Mandalay! It is one of the great pleasures of Mandalay to enjoy a relaxing drink and watch this unique city pass by. Hotel on the Red Canal is a stylish boutique hotel perfectly located in the centre of Mandalay's main attractions. The Tripadvisor and the Superior Small Lodging Association rate Camelot as an award-winning boutique hotel.

Mandalay Boutique Hotel 78

It is one of the great joys of Mandalay to enjoy a refreshing beverage and watch this one-of-a-kind town pass by. Compound 78 Mandalay has a top position and a magnificent view, making it a great place to immerse yourself in the town. If you are resting on our second-storey terrace or having a vivid eight-storey evening meal, you will be thrilled by the Mandalay comedy.

Our boutique hotel has been designed and furnished with great care and detail to ensure a comfortable experience for our clients. Link 78 Mandalay is well situated, with simple accessibility to touristic attractions, contemporary and classic shops and a number of international and regional dining facilities close by.

Our large, urbane hotel has 59 rooms, including 15 luxury rooms and 44 rooms of the highest standard. Proud of our commitment to providing the highest level of customer care, we are sure to offer you a Mandalay windows with our stunning view and premium designs. The Link 78 Mandalay visitors will be treated with the best of Mandalay accommodation.

Our rooms also have room-high window with breathtaking view of Mandalay. We' re proud of the hotel's detail. Introducing "smart glass" in Mandalay is just a small innovative development that we have introduced to the town. At the push of a single key, part of our glasses in the room changes from clear to opac and back again.

One of the highlights of your stay at The Link 78 Mandalay is our 8th storey chef. The breakfast is served, while full Western and Myanmar meals are available for lunches and dinners. There is a panorama of the town centre, the Mandalay hills and even in the faraway, a magnificent Ayeyarwady River.

It is comfortably furnished and has three lifts. Or we can help you with your further journey, whether to see some of the old places near Mandalay, such as the former capital cities of Inwa and Amalapura, or when it's a good idea to go further away to other beautiful places.

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