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"Union, Justice, Trust" location of Bossier City in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. At the time of the 2010 Bossier City survey, the city had 61,315 inhabitants. Bossier City is situated on the east shore of the Red River and is linked in economic and social terms to its bigger twin town of Shreveport on the opposite shore.

Shreveport - Bossier City is the centre of the area known as Ark-La-Tex. The Bossier City is not the domicile of the municipality. Instead, the municipal court is in Benton, about 19 kilometres from Bossier City. During the 1830' the Bossier City area was the Elysian Grove estate bought by James Cane and his second spouse Mary D. C. Cane.

Handelspost and Williams sire Samuel Bennett became 1/7 affiliates in the new Shreve Town, which finally evolved into Shreveport. 1843 Part of the country eastern of the Red River was separated from the Great Natchitoches County and the municipality of Claiborne by the name of Bossier Parish.

Designated in honour of Pierre Evariste John Baptiste Bossier, a former Creole general who became a tree grower in the municipality of Bossier. During the 1840' s, the Great Western began migration of Americans and migrants, and the community was growing in number. Until 1850, more than 200 cars per weeks drove through Bossier City, many of which intended to establish themselves in Texas.

Several of these colonists remained in Louisiana, drawn by the rich land and the canyon. By 1850, the populace was included in the 6,962-strong nation count. Mrs. Cane's farm was secured to Shreveport by three battery packs, with Fort Kirby Smith in the middle. In 1861 the civil war arrived at the parish of Bossier and ended four years later in Shreveport, when the department of Trans-Mississippi gave up.

The Bossier Grammar School was built near the former castle in the twentieth centuries. The Shed Road, the first all-weather mill path in the American south, was built in the 1870s and ran from 1874 to 1886. James and Mary Cane's grandchild, Anna B., felt that the area would thrive and began to promote the notion of a city by the river.

The Cane City was integrated by former Governor Newton C. Blanchard and changed into Bossier City. As the first Bossier municipality major, Blanchard called a Shreveport business man, Ewald Max Hoyer. The Bossier City has evolved from an area of one sq. m. to a city of more than 100 sq. m. (100 km2).

As a result of continuing expansion, the Bossier City rating was modified from place to place by Governor John M. Parker. Later Governor Earl Kemp Long published a declaration that Bossier City classified as a city. This " gold spine " was for the finishing of the East-West Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacific Railroad. Julia "Pansy" drove it on July 12, 1884 in Bossier City.

Arkansas Railroad was finished on April 6, 1888. Taken together, these railways and motorways make Bossier City a centre for further activities. In 1908, the exploration of petroleum in the southern hemisphere pushed Bossier City into the federal booming world. Bossier's pivotal position on country oilfields made it an important actor in the oilfield.

On 23 June 1925, a fire claimed half the city centre of Bossier City. Lost buildings inspired bourgeois improvement, among them a state-of-the-art system of irrigation waters able to fight such fire, a new town hall, a state-of-the-art fire detection system, state-of-the-art pavements and the first city garden. In 1929, the plot on which the basis is constructed was unregistered ownership just outside Bossier City.

The country was taken over by the city of Shreveport and made available to the German state ( see section [Military] below). Over the years, Bossier City grew and finally encompassed the area around the basis. Barksdale was a military air corps education centre before the Second World War. Rossier divides most aspect of his climatic with his twin city Shreveport.

It has a damp semi-tropical climatic (Köppen climatic class Cfa) with warm, damp summers as well as gentle winters. Here are some of the most important places to visit. The city is susceptible to strong storms during the warm season with strong rains, strong wind, volleys and occasionally tornados. In comparison to the US averages, the city has a slightly above-average tornado rating.

Due to the city's shallow terrain and the importance of smaller navigable routes susceptible to backflow floods from the Red River, the city is sometimes subject to heavy floodings. At the 2010 Population Survey, 61,315 people,[5] 25,200 homes and 14,901 homes lived in the city.

Demographics were 1,382. 6 persons per km2 (533.8/km²). There were 70 races in the city. 95 percent of the populace. The city of Bossier City had a distributed populace of 28 in all. Average incomes for a budget in the city were $36,561, and average incomes for a single member of the community were $42,642.

Per capita incomes in the city were $17,032. 8% of the city' s inhabitants were below the breadline, under 20. The inhabitants of the city of Bossier are connected to the Bossier Parish Schools. The Bossier Press Tribune[23] and the Shreveport Times serve Bossier City. City Lights and SB Magazine are also news magazines in the Shreveport Bossier area.

"The Bossier City" is a David Allan Coe tune in which he sings: "And it sure does smell of Bossier City snow..." In 1972 Johnny Rodriguez performed a tune named "Achin' Bossier City Backyard Blues". Turpike Troubadours 2007 debut feature the Bossier City theme and the Bossier City theme tracks.

The Bossier City and Shreveport teams are sharing the Twin City Knockers Driving Club Diet. Outs are held on the Hot Wheels ice ring in Southern Bossier. CenturyLink Center (formerly CenturyTel Center) in Bossier City was home to the Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings of the AF2 and the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs of the Central Hockey League.

There are four Riverboat Casinos on the eastern shore of the Red River: Horseracing and gaming at slots are also available in the Harrah's Louisiana Downs, opened in 1974. Adley Robert is a Bossier City born and business man who is a former Louisiana State Senate memberublican.

As a former Democrat, Adley also worked at the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1980 to 1996. He' s staying at the Benton parsonage. Henry Newton Brown, Jr., Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeals Justice (1992-2012) and Chief Public Prosecutor of the Municipalities of Bossier and Webster (1976-1991), is a long-time Bossier City resident. Dr. Bigby is a member of the Louisiana House (1968-1979), known as Dean of the House.

Henri Burns is a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from District 9 (Bossier Parish). The Wooden Spoon factory in Bossier City belongs to him. As a Haughton inhabitant, he is a former member of the Bossier Parish School Board. Wimpy " Jones, state minister from 1956-1960, was briefly a member of Bossier City Council and Planning Commission and ran the Southern Kitchen Restaurants.

Yesred Leto, an actress and performer, was a native of Bossier City on 26 December 1971. Sannon Leto, percussionist of 30 Seconds to Mars and older sibling of Jared Leto, was in Bossier City on 9 March 1970. Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit" Alex Pourteau, a pro writer and writer who worked for both WWE and WCW, was originally from Bossier City in 1969.

In 1967 Eddy Shell was a founder member of the Bossier Parish Community College and from 1992 until his demise a member of the Bossier Parish Police Jury. The first female headmistress, headmistress and state lawmaker from the municipality of Bossier is Jane H. Smith. Toms, a pro golf player, completed Airline High.

Walker is the present Bossier City major. Randy Walker, a pro- American Footballer, who joined the Green Bay Packers in 1974, completed Bossier High School and later Northwestern State University. The airline high school graduate Todd Walker is a pro ballplayer. V. V. Whittington was Chairman of the outdated Bossier Bank and Trust Company and State Minister of Louisiana from 1928-1932.

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