Border Terrier

The Border Terrier

Find out everything about Border Terrier Dogs. Here you can find all Border Terrier breed information, pictures of Border TerrierDogs, training, photos and care tips. The Border Terrier: the most honest dog breed you will ever find about Border Terrier temperament, personality and behavior. Find out more about the Border Terrier breed, including information about its history, personality and what it is like to live with it. The Border Terriers are members of the breeding group "Terrier".

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Favoured for their naturally "dirty" face and stubborn character, Border Terrier are vigilant, energetic and avid. The Border, initially a chasseur hound, is a workhorse. Border Terrier's long feet are designed for the stamina, mobility and pace needed to run through any type of ground behind a rider.

Also the middle-sized Border Terrier is large in relation to its length, while its small torso helps it with the chestnut chase through thin sections. Border Terrier's one-of-a-kind Border Terrier "otter" hair is a characteristic that reflects his attentive manner and temper. Border Terrier is a friendly, hard-working and curious Border Terrier who can be self-sufficient and not enthusiastic about the game.

He has been reared in such a way that he runs quickly in a pack and is therefore one of the few breeders with this kind of qualities. He is the most amenable and kind. The Border Terrier is a great pet for everyone and is also soft to children. Although he can stay outside in a cold climate, this terrier is better if he has easy entrance to the farm and the farm.

Since the Border Terrier likes the activities, he should be equipped with an appropriate practice regime such as a powerful play, an off-leash adventure in a safe place or a day's stroll on a ropes. A Border Terrier with an mean life of 12 to 15 years is susceptible to KHK (hip dysplasia) and cardiac defect.

The Border Terrier was described as one of the oldest English Terrier and evolved near the Cheviot Hills between England and Scotland. A Border Terrier, the smallest of the long-legged terrains, had to be very fast to keep up with the horse's speed and still be small enough to bury a sorrel in its den or track it.

Its first mention comes from the eighteenth c.; its forefathers are said to have been associated with the Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Border Terrier was named in 1870, although he was sometimes described as Coquetdale Terrier. At the beginning of the twentieth centuries, the Border Terrier had exceeded many of his former duties and was as much appreciated during the noble hunt as the fox dog.

Recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1930, the Border Terrier is still a favourite among hunting enthusiasts and is even a favourite show animal and adorable domestic animal.

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