Booking Internal Flights Myanmar

Book internal flights Myanmar

How is it best to book domestic flights? Will these airlines offer an online booking or do I have to book through a travel agent in Yangon? Book domestic tickets in Myanmar. Take your trip with our best service to book Myanmar Domestic Flight online today. Will I need a copy of my passport to book a domestic flight to Myanmar?

Myanmar internal flights

I' ve been flying Air Bagan, Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways and Myanmar Airways. Last year we almost skipped our Nyaung U trip because Yangon Airways modified their timetable until the last minute without prior notice - and gave us 45 min to hurry to the airfield! I' ve been on Air Mandalay several flights and haven't seen any changes.

When in Singapore, you can pass the Peninsular Plaza (small Burma) and some of the local travel agencies can make your home flights without any problems. I used to take a plane to Yangon in the early hours of the night and then booked a plane the same afternoons through one of the ticket agencies near the Sule Pagoda for a next-dail.

This is how to cut costs on domestic flights in Myanmar

There are three ways to get around Myanmar: by plane, by coach or by rail. They all have dubious security documentation. To fly, although normally safely, is not much better in Myanmar. Myanma, the Myanmar flag carrier (formerly known as Burma Airways), had one of the worst security record of all airlines until recently.

When you are from the United States, you are not permitted by the Treasury Department to travel to Yangon Airways because it is in the possession of drugs dealers. There is only one carrier common in Myanmar; Asian Wings Airways is 49% ANA of Japan own (and its flights are almost always sold out).

Ignoring the security problem (after all, flight is still relatively secure in comparison to other options), it is still very costly to use it. The majority of flights within Myanmar are over $100 and seldom longer than one hours. What's more, the only carrier that appears on some ( but not all) of our booking pages on a regular basis is the one with the lowest security records and the most verified history:

Burma Airways. Luckily, there are two other carriers with a country-wide booking network: Asia Wings Airways and Air KBZ. You must make an appointment in order to travel with Asian Wings Airways. You are the only Myanmar carrier that has only been in operation since 2011.

The ANA provides pilot and flight crews education and support, and is generally regarded as the most highly qualified airlines in the state. Your flights are always sold out. They are held by one of the country's biggest bankers (KBZ Bank) and are relatively well capitalised. While it may seem strange that one bankaccounts own an airlines, another one in Yangon has one of the bigger buses in the state.

Sportation just seems to be something trustworthy that bedclothes do location (maybe prosecution and American Express faculty copy them assumption their fondness for boundary consequence summons). With Air KBZ (apart from just one non-lethal security incident), one of the great things about it is that they are offering discounts when you make direct bookings through them.

With Myanmar's recent lifting of penalties, many websites have not been up-dated. To be able to use a US debit or debit cards to make payments on-line - much less if you get a rebate - is a big relief in Myanmar. The majority of the country's carriers can only be reserved through your own tour operator, and rates are given and charged in US dollars.

In Myanmar, payment by bank card is not generally acceptable, so either payment in US dollar means you have it with you (in new, uncommon bills) or you subtract and change it to dollar (by taking a duplicate match on the foreign dollar plus an ATM fee). Taking into account the $114 ATM conversion rates, the $5 ATM charge and the cost saving on my booking on line, I was saving $30 by booking an online-only tariff of $101 with Air KBZ.

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