Booking Internal Flights in Myanmar

Book internal flights in Myanmar

Lists internal flights, but does not log them. I' ll find the perfect match (and a flight plan suitable for sleeping also helps!) before booking. Low-priced last-minute flight tickets for international and national flights through Asia! Just try our online booking guide for an easier guided experience.

Wellcome to Biman's new Internet Booking Engine (IBE).

Reservations for flights within Myanmar (not in Myanmar) was used in December 2015 to easily schedule flights in January 2016 (Mandalay to Nyaung United, Nyaung United to HeHo, HeHo to Yangon). So they reacted very quickly and let me know that a plane had been delayed and gave me other ways to do it.

Simply make sure you have your ticket printed out before you leave for Myanmar and your lives will be a hectic one. I' d also review Myanmar Insider / before you booking a trip with a small national airline, as some do not have the clearest entry. I' ve taken Asia Wings Airways (Japanese ANA and training pilot) and Air KBZ (friendship recommendation) and made a good one.

Interestingly, in my Myanmar practice, you are not allowed into the gates until about an hour before your flight, so you may have nothing to do in a small airfield or in a local pub opposite the airfield for a while if you get there early.

HeHo is very small, I ended up in a café for a few lessons because I didn't want to be too tardy for my plane and came 3 lessons earlier. Hopefully this will help, Myanmar enjoys!

Domestic booking in Burma

It is the first private company to be established in Burma in October 1994. The company provides a broad spectrum of flights both within Germany and abroad. It prides itself on its high standard and provides its clients with flights to all touristic attractions and large trading centres. It has the benefit of having an on-line booking system in comparison to other Burmese carriers.

There are internal flights to Bagan, Heho, Kengtong, Mandalay, Naypyitaw, Sittwe, Tachilek, Thandwe and Yangon. Air Bagan was established in 2004 by Tay Za and is an air carrier based in Yangon, Myanmar. Operational hubs are Yangon Airport and Mandalay Chanmyathazi Airport. Air Bagan operates domestic flights to the following destinations:

It is also a private Burma carrier located in Yangon. Aéroport Mandalay International et aéroport international de Yangon. There are national flights to the following destinations: These four carriers have introduced their on-line booking system to better service their clients. So, if you want to make a booking for Burma flights, you can visit the airline's website for detail.

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