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Book internal flights to Burma

We fly the following safety certified airlines for domestic flights: There are flights to Yangon from Yangon International Airport (RGN), the main airport in Myanmar. It has three terminals for national and international flights. And we pride ourselves on serving travellers around the world with our unique flight services associated with the euphoria of Myanmar. Travel Book internal flights via flymya.

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Hello, I will travel with my spouse to Myanmar for the first the beginning of December. During my bookings of our flights to and from Yangon, I was reading many boards saying that you have to make flights while we are in Yangon.

I' ve been reading that this is quite simple to co-ordinate with the Yangon hotels or a Yangon based tourist agency. That would be great if we could make our booking for national flights before then. Ifnt, I would also appreciate any recommendation regarding tourist agencies in Yangon. All other Myanmar trip suggestions are also welcome!

After Cambodia and Laos we drive to Myanmar. Hello, you can make your booking for national flights on-line. However, it is better to make a reservation through a regional representative. There are many good locals on the web. Booking early is better. Let us help you! I want you to make all my Australian flights and then use a regional agency to make all my Myanmar flights that I had no problems with.

Barely took the strife out for me and have chosen to do the same again for a journey later this year to Myanmar. just take SS silverswimmer's advice and make sure that the internet is not just a medium with tear off touristic fares for flight plans here genuinely:

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Purchase of internal airfares for Myanmar. Myanmar currently has four airlines that are used by tourism. None of them currently have an online booking system and some of them are still handwritten. While many travelers have used it successfully, there have been occasional stories about Thorntree that there have been tourist arrivals and the company had no booking and had to buy a new one.

There were not too many years ago only a few foreign carriers that flew to Yangon - now the pages are full of flights and flights. Lists internal flights, but does not log them.

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