Booking Flights in Myanmar

Book flights in Myanmar

In Myanmar, domestic flights can be booked through MyanaMarvels & Travel and Tour, a travel agency based in Yangon, Myanmar. Schedule your trip with Oway for flights, hotels, tours, buses and visas. For more information about the activities in Yangon, click here. Expedia offers cheap flights to Myanmar. Last minute international flights to Myanmar and information about Myanmar airport.

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Reservations for domestic flights in Burma (Myanmar)

With the big 4 (Mandalay, Yangon, Bagan and Lake Inle) and usually an entire day's land transportation traveling separately, regardless of your transportation within Burma, flights here are often a favorite backpacking options. No one offers on-line reservations AND, believe it or not, it is less expensive to make flights through your accommodation, your hotels or a tourist agency than to call them directly by telephone or in their head office (which I have obviously tried!).

Fares are fixed (between about $55-$90 per flight according to destination) and there's no way to get discounted fares, so don't spend your precious free traveling! So, if your lodging tells you the prize, don't be afraid of their numbers - they tell the truths!

So, either take the coach or just the money.

Domestic Flight Tickets - Book your Myanmar flight online

It is our commitment to provide this services with a package price and maximum comfort for our clients. We offer our clients the airline ticket booking services from one source, as well as an online order tracking system........ It is our commitment to provide this services with a package price and maximum comfort for our clients.

Our clients can book a stop, query their order progress on-line,......... We at Green Myanmar Travel & Tours, originally managed by Travel & Tours, offer an all-in-one travel packages that include hotels, buses, airline tickets, sight-seeing cars, guides, food, attractions and more. Myanmar is a green country recognised by the authorities.........

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