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script summary

Hungry games begin on harvest days in 12. 16-year-old storyteller Katniss Everdeen goes to see her boyfriend Gale so they can hunt and gather before the harvest this afternoons. When Katniss makes her way from home to the meadow and eventually into the forest, where the local residents are not allowed to walk, we hear about Katniss' lives in the poor part of her area, the seam, and her familiy.

She' s thinking of her younger brother Prim, who is 4 years younger, and her mom, who both depend on Katniss since Katniss' dad passed away in a mine blast when she was 11 years old. Harvesting is a nerve-wracking period because it will determine which 12-18 year old boys and girls will pay tribute to the county at the Hunger Games.

When the winner returns home, the winner's quarter is filled with presents - namely groceries. With the games organized by the Capitol, the 12 counties of Panem will be punished and remembered for the dark days and how the thirteenth county was wiped out for its revolt against the tyrannous and atrocious Capitol.

She voluntarily takes the place of her younger brother and becomes a homage to the 74. People choose Peeta Mellark, a Katniss aged youth and father of the man, as another one. Peeta and the friendliness he showed her as a child by giving her a burned slice of sandwich so she would not die of starvation.

Peeta has been chosen because she doesn't promise anything good for Katniss, who has the feeling that she owed Peeta for having saved her own lives when they were a family. This is unpleasant, considering that she has to slaughter him now in the famine games. Katniss says good-bye to her mom and Prim, Madge, the mayor's girl who gives her the mocking jay needle, a recurrent icon in the novel, Peeta's dad, the bakery, and Gale, for whom her emotions already contradict each other and fluctuate between boyfriendship and ardor.

to the Capitol. Katniss enjoys the most luxurious experience ever and gets to enjoy the wealthiest, most delicious cuisine. Both meet Effie Trinket, their escorts, and Haymitch Abernathy, their drunken supervisor and the only survivor of the Hunger Games from their districts, who, having seen Katniss and Peeta fighting in them, pledges that he will be matter-of-fact enough to help them live the games.

Katniss and Peeta met their hairdressers after arriving at the Training Center. She' s a pleasant surprise when she sees Cinna, a young man who is just dressed and doesn't wear much make-up in comparison to the other stylis. Katniss and Peeta will be presented as a couple at the opening ceremony.

Racing through the Capitol in a war chariot, their clothes blaze in faked fire and earn Katniss her alias "girl on fire". If desired, Haysmitch will coach Katniss and Peeta together and instruct them to keep their greatest strength hidden from the othertributs. To Katniss, that means to stay away from bows.

They' to appear inseparably, which becomes more and more tiresome for Katniss, who can't choose whether Peeta's friendliness and congratulations are real or just a part of a win plan for the games, as the practice progresses.

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