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Imaginative books carry us away from everyday life into magical worlds full of possibilities and amazement. Favourite book of the Harry Potter series. The first book in the series: SWORD & SORCERY FANTASY. The joke, however, when used too often, is a dangerous magic that is abhorred by the nobility.

Best-of-breed fantasy book series | Popular novels with magical & imaginary worlds

This is a voting encyclopedia of the best fantasy book series of all times listed by fantasy font readership. From fantasy novels the reader can look forward to an elaborately crafted fantasy realm with its own unique cultural, historical and ethical values. Most of the writers in the most beloved fantasy book series are inherently congruent or self-coherent, with mythological or folkloric inspirations remaining a congruent subject.

Within the framework of a good fantasy book, the fantasy part of the storyline can be anywhere: the storyline can be entirely within a fantasy realm (like J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series), or fantasy parts like magic can coexist with a seemingly realistic environment (like in J.K. Rowling's seven Harry Potter novels).

Imagination follows its own production principles, but the great fantasy novels are in harmony with the principles they set for themselves. With the best fantasy novels, the readers lift up their unbelief and lose themselves in the book's fantasy underworld.

If we have missing any of your favorite stories, then be sure to include them in this best fantasy book series listing.

Best 50 of the best fantasy epics

Epiphany is probably the parent of all fantasy sub-genres. It is also the most fashionable fantasy generation, with hords of new fantasy book episodes being published each and every months. Unfortunately, the fantasy art of epics has been stuffed with clich├ęs. It' tough to go through all that "fat fantasy shit" to find the best in the genre. Mm.

Exactly what is fantasy? Epiphany always involves some nationally or politically significant incidents in the game and a protagonist or casting of protagonists in search of their salvation. A further feature of real fantasy is the large side line-up of character. Epiphany usually involves a well-developed magic system.

On our page about the sub-genre of Epic Fantasy you can find more information about what makes it special. I' ve done my best here to give my advice for the best fantasy series. Not your old-fashioned bold fantasy series, these titles do something new or tell a fabulous tale, have real character or quality that sets them apart from the game.

In fact, these are the fantasy novels that really merit being on the book shelves or (since 2015) in the Kindlestore. Remember that I've added XPIC FANTASY to this mailing to make it a fantasy series that doesn't suit this form, no mater how good they actually are.

Don't send me e-mails asking me to put the Dresden files, the dusk, the vampire diaries, the hunger games or any of those book on the lists - they're not fantasies! Epiphany is a very special kind of fantasy and a concept that is often used in any fantasy book with a little magic, a little helper and maybe a bad guy.

Now, I suggest you carefully study what epic fantasy really is before you study this schedule. Leaderboards are a little different from the top 25 and some other league tables; this particular league table only deals with fantasies of fantasy, and I'll rate the book and its league tables on this only.

Also, keep in mind that this is what I consider "The Best EPIC Fantasy", so I deliberately don't include EP fantasies like The Sword of Truth, Shannara, Eragon, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, RA. Sorry, I don't think this is good enough to make that shortlist by a long shot. for my accurate argument.

You will recognise some of the titles from other listings, but there are also some new selections. To get referrals that are wider (i.e. simply no fanciful epics ), have a look at the Best Fantasy Series listing. Man, what's NOT to like about this show? It has a singular and quite intriguing magic system. Hell, it even has a history (and characters) that stretches over several ages.

It' by Brandon Sanderson, the man who wrote another great fantasy series ( "Mistborn") and finishes the wheels of time. Only the first book in a series of ten books was published. However, building on the power of the first book and the series' theme, The Stormlight Archive searches for one of the best classical fantasy episodes on the market -- a rendition of Jordan's World of Time without breaking the world.

Naturally, it will be a while before more of them are published, but at the moment it is a dignified epicentre to study. Many of you are kind enough to point out in your commentary that Jordan is losing complete command of the storylines around Book 6.

Nowadays there are better authors who write fantasy, there are cleverer fantasy series with realistic depicted figures, there are series that start new things with the fantasy generation. However, give Jordan's Wheel of Time Series the honor it deserves: it has transformed the face of fantasy forever and ever.

The series should therefore be reread under this assumption. Featuring a Martin-like storyline and the tempo of Jim Butcher, The Axe and the Throne is an absolute "must" for even the most picky fantasy-lovers. But the beginnings of the almost immediate sense of vintage that comes after one has written such a book have less to do with the inspiring environment than with the inhabitants of the place.

It is these people - those you wish you could have a drink with, or end up killing - who make the link between fantasy and real life. But no book would be perfect without an appropriate portion of intrigues, and there is no shortage of them here.

It' s an epidemic fanaticism that many have never seen before, which is a disgrace because it provides a beautiful story that blends valaisan imagination with Welsh drama. Even if it is not on the same plane as e.g. Lord of the Rings, it is still a dignified epicentre to work with. Yes, it doesn't do some of the new and extravagant existentialistic things that contemporary fantasy has done in the way of Martin, Erikson, Bakker, Lawrence and Abercrombie, but that's okay -- sometimes you want to see a good protagonist doing good things just because they're the right thing to do.

Alexander's series stands out from many of his newer, more contemporary fantasy epics because his narrative is utterly exalted; every single words heard and phrases as a whole are works of art of greatness. It can be categorised as a children's classics, but can and should also be widely recognised by adults.

It' a Coming-of-Age fairy tail that will fill the emptiness of the wait for Rothfuss' next book. It' a Coming-of-Age fairy tail that will fill the emptiness of the wait for Rothfuss' next book. This typeface is wonderful, multi-layered and contemporary. It is not a mere history, but a great epicentre that has only just started to unfold.

The first book in the series, Time of a heart, was wonderfully composed and interesting. This is overshadowed by writings, such fine writings, as well as by the endgame. The next book in the series, Tower of the Arkein, is the place where history really begins to flourish and where Chase Blackwood excels as an author.

It' s a very powerful introduction to the fantasy arena, and if the next book is just as good, then you might think it's going to make quite a dash.

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