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2048 busses from Frankfurt-Hahn to Frankfurt am main Flibco / Bohr / Ryanair bus is the best connection from Frankfurt-Hahn International HHN to the city centre of FRA and FRA. You can book this aerodrome bus via Flibco with discounts starting at 5 ?. Hahn can no longer be reserved via Flixbus or as an IC bus via Deutsche Bahn.

The simplest and least expensive way to get to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport from Frankfurt am Main by bus is the Flibco Airport Bus (operated by Bohr Omnibus and sometimes also called Ryanair Bus). This bus runs around 20 daily services between Frankfurt am Main main station and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN).

On the way, all busses also stop at FRA (Frankfurt Airport). There is a bus service between Frankfurt-Hahn International and the city centre of the city of Frankfort in about 1h45mn. Of course, it is also possible to take a taxi or a transfer from the airports in Frankfurt-Hahn, but it is quite high. Taxis2Airport and My Driver create offers for your own transfer without the need for your own data or number.

Frakfurt-Hahn International is a good 120 kilometres from the capital the Main. It is a small aerodrome very much loved by low-cost carriers and the large Ryanair turnstile in Germany. Luckily, the bus connection from Frankfurt-Hahn International and FRA airports to the centre of the Main is well developed with up to 20 busses a day.

See Transport to Frankfurt-Hahn for bus connections to other towns in the area. The travel from Frankfurt-Hahn International Hahn to Frankfurt Central Station takes 1h45 (15 min less to Frankfurt International Airport). There are a few busses via Mainz, which extends the trip to Frankfurt by about 15 mins. Flibco International Aerodrome schedules (operated by Bohr Omnibus, but often called Ryanair bus) vary depending on seasons of season.

As a rule, there is a service of Fibco airfield busses to make sure that the passenger arrives at the airfield on schedule for the early morning departure and to guarantee return to Frankfurt for the last leg of the journey. Busses usually run every hour during rush hour. On-line bookings make sure that customers have a bus seating position, but there is no waiting for Pinball busses if there are delays.

The Flibco bus service on the Frankfurt-Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) line also stops at the FRA (Frankfurt International Airport) about 15 min. from Frankfurt-Hauptbahnhof. From time to time there are also bus stops in Simmern, Ingelheim and Mainz. Hauptbahnhof is the acronym for the Hauptbahnhof (main station). The bus stop at Frankfurts Hbf means that the target is the Deutsche Bahn railway terminal in the city centre of the city.

Currently, Flibco busses from Bohr Ominbus offer the only Frankfurt-Hahn and Frankfurt am Main Central Station and the International FRA/Hauptbus. Low-priced terrain bus services, which previously connected Frankfurt-Hahn with Neu-Isenburg, Offenbach and Hanau on the outskirts of Frankfurt am Main, were discontinued.

It is also no longer possible to reserve these busses via Flixbus or as an IC bus of Deutsche Bahn. Flibco / Bohr bus to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is the best and most affordable way to get your bus fare at If you arrive at Frankfurt am Main Airport, the fare is the same.

You can also buy your flight at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in the information office or at the Flibco bus ticketing area. Free-of-charge Wi-Fi and restrooms are available in most coaches. People in wheelchairs should get in touch with Flibco at least three working nights before departure to make sure that a proper bus / gear is available on the bus.

No more Flixbus or Deutsche Bahn (IC-Bus) can be booked for Pinball busses between Frankfurt am Main and Frankfurt-Hahn International Airport. Most of the time, our FIBCO airports shuttles are available in blue and red with Bohr-Logo. Other coaches can also be used, but they clearly show that this is the bus to the place of arrival.

The following departures and arrivals are currently used by the Hahn - Frankfurt City line of Pinbco buses: Also see Transport to Frankfurt-Hahn for shuttles from Frankfurt-Hahn International and to other towns in the area. Taxis2Airport and My Driver create offers for your own transfer without the need for your own data or number.

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