Bogalay Myanmar

Myanmar Bogalay

Turns out it was just as difficult for the F├╝hrer in Myanmar. Township, Myanmar with population statistics, maps, map and location. The Thorn Tree - Irrawady and Bogalay From Yangon the coach drove from the same central train terminal, where the busses to Pathein and Ngwe Saung depart, I'm not sure what the name is. As I recall, our coach departed Yangon at 11am and it took about 3-4 hrs to get to Bogalay. It was very hard in Bogalay to find out anything about the bate.

A lot of folks didn't know time and date or had contradictory information. While we were able to get a man into the motel to telephone and ask, our leader also asked almost everyone we were with. At least two moorings exist and most of us know where the'Pathein Pier' is located.

Across from Aladdin is a small barn/cabin, which is manned by the harbour keeper, if I have heard it well. Boating hours are on the walls of this cottage (in Burmese) and only for the same time. On the same evening and the night before we went back to see that the ship was sailing.

The train should depart at 1 pm and reach Pathein the next morning at 9 or 10 am. Actually the ship didn't get there before 5:00 pm, then departed around 5:20 pm and landed in Pathein the next morning (there were some very big things as a load, I assume the store took many hrs, it took an hrs to unload these things in the night).

It seemed to me that the ship leaves every other night when there are enough travellers / freight. A few stops were made to allow men and freight to get out and in. We looked around the harbour for a bosun for the cruise to Meinmahla Kyun and Kadonkani.

We were 2 persons + the leader and he asked 25 000 kyats for the journey. We had buoyancy aids and the ship was clear, with a pad on the ground so you can lie hidden from the sundown. He was speaking some English (I'm not sure how much, because the lecture was mostly in Burmese and our leader was translating for us).

Arkar Kyaw is located directly opposite the stop of the coach. Fuehrer said the other two are of inferior standard. Arkar Kyaw was exciting now, not very neat etc., but ok, at least it was a place to be.

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