The Burmese in the Bogalay community believe in reincarnation. So, we just sat on a bus and drove to Bogalay without a plan. Bogalay and Meinmahla Kyun Information The Bogale (pronounced'Bow-ga-lay' and sometimes Bogalay) is a small village and administration center southwest of Yangon, deeply in the Irrawaddy Delta. Relatively little to do in the hometown itself, Bogale is perhaps best as a passage point on the way to near Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can see migrating waterfowl, salt water crickets (the world' s biggest reptiles) and, if you are fortunate, the uncommon Irrawaddy Dorad.

There is no permission needed to see Bogale or Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary, but you must check in with Sanctuary Headquarters in Bogale before travelling there, which is on the Forest Department grounds at the north end of Strand Road. Wildlife Sanctuary personnel can organise a cruise and put a wildlife rescue officer at your side (they know best where you can see the animals).

You can also arrange accommodations in the base rangers on Meinmahla Kyun. You can also ask the NGO Frida to see if you can spend the night in their guest house. You can reach us by e-mail ( or by calling +95 1 243827. The profit from the franda guest house goes back into the environment protection and the securing of the village's existence.

If you would like to plan a yacht, please do not hesitate to get in touch with them. The price for yachts is subject to negotiation, but it usually costs around K50,000 per rental per night, plus extra charges for petrol (depending on how far you go) and guides if you have one.

We recommend spending at least one overnight in Meinmahla Kyun to have enough free morning and evening to explore alligators. It is possible to prolong your visit by exploring the archipelago 10 km southwards of Meinmahla Kyun, where marine tortoises are nesting; you can observe the nature protection programme and some wild tortoise colonies on the biggest Gayetgyi and Gadongalay islets.

If you have a permit, you can spend the night on the island of Gadongalay and join the local population in a nightly wedding patch on the shore in quest of tortoises.

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