Old English sheepdog

Sheepdog - An Old English Sheepdog breed whose tail is typically cut off or completely removed shortly after birth. Bobtail ring bells - In the song "Jingle Bells", a bobtail refers to the tail of a horse, whereby the hair is cut short so that it does not get caught in the reins when a sledge is pulled. A" Bobtail" truck is a truck that travels without a trailer in tow from one point to another, typically when a driver is in service. A bobtail animal, such as certain canines or roaches. The trucker charges a Bobtail fee to deliver an FCL container to the warehouse and pick it up again after unloading, as opposed to a live unloading.

So what's a Bobtail? - Huck trucker words

Is bobsleighing? Drive a lorry (semi-trailer) without a trail. Take care not to mistake "bobtailing" for "deadheading", which happens when a lorry pulls an empty load, i.e. does not contain any of it. The first time a lorry chauffeur is sent from the shipping department to the collection point, bobsleightailing often occurs.

Which is bobtailing? A" Bobtail" also relates to a flat lorry carrying (and sometimes driving) LPG. - Cynthia has just parked her caravan with the customer, now she is at a comfortable lorry stop for the time being. - Jim just needs a little place to leave his bobtail for the game.

  • Gone in a Vegas pokers game, I think I'll take my trailers home to Sacramento. Truckers' bobsleigh slang: Sheepdog - An Old English Sheepdog race whose tails are usually severed or entirely excised shortly after being born. Jingle Bells" is a bobtail that relates to the tails of a horses, whereby the coat is shortened so that it does not get stuck in the rein when a sledge is pulled.

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So what's Bobtail?

So what's Bobtail? A" Bobtail" lorry " is a lorry that moves without a towed towing vehicle from one point to another, usually when a rider is in service. For example, if a rider drops a caravan at point A and then drives to point B (without a trailer) to collect another caravan, he is insured by the Bobtail insurance while he is between the points.

Bobtail insurance" is sometimes used in conjunction with "Non-Trucking Use Liabilities Insurance" (NTLI). The NTLI responds to an incident in the case of an incident or injury and not to the driver's motor vehicle third party motor-ownership.

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