Boat Trip Yangon

Yangon Boat Trip

Boat trip at sundown At the end of the afternoon, why not try a boat trip at sundown on the Rangoon River? There are no really stunning places as such - apart from the sundown itself, if you're fortunate - but there is another viewpoint over Yangon city centre and the shore area. Cruising down the busy riverbank at Rushhour overlooking the harbour to faraway Shwedagon on the one side and the mangrove and shanty in the South while tits are thrown past seagulls and drinking a cool one is a great way to stay a few in our book (or on our website, so to speak) and settle in New Bagan.

Rangoon Riviera at sundown. Routes and schedules differ slightly, but in fact you get on the Botataung Jetty (not far from the Strand Hotel) around 4:30 pm and make a pleasant up and down trip, avoiding the commuting boat and taxi for a few hour before heading back to your depart.

The price also varies greatly, with discounted fares ranging from $20 to $50 per passenger per boat and itinerary, some of which includes a beverage and canap├ęs. With a very stylish boat and stylish white-shirt waitresses, Dora is the top choice, to whom we charged a pretty high $50 for the deluxe outfit.

Ask your local hotelier or simply hike down to the footbridge in the evening to find out about the area. Yangon sundown gull.

Canadian Yangon River Cruise - River cruise in Rangoon, Myanmar

When you want a whole new Yangon tour adventure, a trip through the poetical streams of the Gold Country is definitely a great option. A Yangon River River Cruise gives you the opportunity to dive into a tranquil pace of Myanmar's locals' lives, explore the primordial beauties along its shores and watch the sun set on the Yangon Gold Town.

Yangon cruises offer unforgettable adventures for young and old, and if you like a relaxing and cosy trip, you can..... Featuring Myanmar-Teakdeck, this is one of the best choices for Yangon River Cruises with beautiful memories and adventures.....

The Royal Green river cruiser is one of the most popular Yangon cruisers chosen by Myanmar people.

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