Boat from Yangon to Bagan

Yangon to Bagan boat

Myanmar by boat: a river cruise guide. Cruises from Mandalay to Bagan. The journey along the Ayeyarwady River begins in the former capital Mandalay and ends at the temples of Bagan. Boat options from Mandalay to Bagan. A ten night cruise from Yangon to Bagan.

Hellboat to Bagan

Read the trailer The Banana Pancake Trail to Myanmar Starts This Monday, then the review, Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Disney, Home, where the season was decided to flee Mongolia forever. I got sick of taking the coach and thought it would be a good plan to swim down the Irrawaddy for ten hrs from Mandalay to Bagan.

Costs were $50 per passenger, while the costs for all previously announced coach trips (RT Yangon to Ngwe Saung, Yangon to Mandalay and Mandalay to Yangon) were only $85. It was described as a pleasurable, romantical voyage that involved breakfasts and everything you could see.

After a few hrs the places of interest and noises were the same and the snail's pace was upheld. Eventually the dark came and we got off the hell boat and reached Bagan. I' d never advise anyone to take this trishaw of the creek.

By boat from Bagan to Mandalay

You will find information in this section on how to get the boat from Bagan to Mandalay, which includes ticketing, what to see on the boat, the places of interest along the way and a brief film. We had no possibility to go to Myanmar (formerly Burma) and not to take the Mandalay highway.

Oh the Mandalay fly-fishing street, and this Mandalay fly-fishing street, as described by Kipling when he wrote his poetry, is not a street - it is the Irrawaddy River that cuts it like a spinal column through the center of Myanmar. It was not long before I realized that there were countless ways to get around the countryside - and the street was rarely the most interesting one.

In Bagan there were the balloon flights, the orbit around Yangon, hiking through the Kalaw mountain, flies (an early Myanmar 70' experience) and of course the many ships sailing the Irrawaddy River. This is Ostello Bello, Bagan. Luxury: Bagan Lodge. Ustello Bello, Mandalay. Mandalay Boutique Hotel.

Luxury: Mandalay Hill Resort. For more information on accommodation in Bagan and Mandalay, see the end of this section. I don't know why I should take the boat from Bagan to Mandalay. The Irrawaddy may not seem attractive at first sight, not if there are busses that travel the same distance in less than 6 hrs, as opposed to 12 hrs on the riverbank.

So why would you take the boat from Bagan to Mandalay? Thing about the coach is that the scenery is planted - long powdery dark grey tracks so uninspirational that in five minute you're standing face down in a five minute long read (probably George Orwell's Burmese Days).

to cross the stream under the high, light and sunny sky, chilled by the kind of wind that is quite special when traveling by boat;..... to spend a whole afternoon observing the rivers between sunrise and sunset, doing without the fisherman and family on the stream;..... to grab and catch the heads and the cameras while trying to catch the overpowering number of gold pagoda on the shore;.... and then there is the swing of the Bo

Chuckling and the soft swing that will make you more relaxing at the end of the morning than a Myanmar massages. There are more and more Cruises that benefit from the attraction of cruising the Irrawaddy between Bagan and Mandalay. Most of them are international travel agencies that offer packages for several overnight stays on the water.

And if you have both cash and more than a full days to explore the boat, you can find out more here. The MGRG Express, the most important (and possibly only?) regional airline operating liner services between Bagan and Mandalay on the Irrawaddy Riviera, was my choice for a one-day trip.

If you are interested, they also have the same itinerary with a 1 or 2 nights board. May I take the other way, from Mandalay to Bagan? I' m taking the boat from Bagan to Mandalay, but you can take the other way around.

Sightseeings will be the same, but you will have a slightly short drive on this southerly itinerary (. 10. 5 hours instead of 12), as the Irrawaddy River runs downriver and you will take the river. I had a free transfer from my lodging, which was a good thing as I didn't feel like going for a cab at 4:30 in the morning.

It took about 30 mins. and normally I would find this a enough snaatch of an hour to drive away (because that's what most ordinary folks should do at 4:30 a.m.), but my eyes were lined beyond the minivan's windows. Whilst Bagan had both in common, there was something more - a monk on his way to pray.

The ticket was verified and the ship's personnel showed the way with a blast of sunlight - down a slippery, precipitous sandside. The boat seemed to be moored far out to the ocean in the dark, but as I approached, I saw a basic strip chart piled up to the boat.

Nice work, I'm always one big sniff away from being prepared for an advent. So I took the hands of one of the boatmen and had my case balanced on the other side until I took one cautious move after another until I was on board. There is one term you will seldom use to describe Myanmar that is chilly, but with this early dawn and the wind that blows above you, you will definitely experience a feeling of coldness until the rising sundowner.

At about 6:15 a.m. twilight began and for the next 30 min the stream took on a milk shimmer of gray, blues, oranges and pinks. Travelling Tip: When you go upriver, the daylight rises to the right of the boat. Concerning eating, let's begin with the fact that Myanmar has some of the poorest foods in the Philippines (IMO) side by side, so the breakfasts were a nice one.

I was in Myanmar. Free to mention my previous point that Myanmar has some of the poorest foods in the atlantic. Out of the mind, it was fantastic, but see my legal statement above about the relativeness of Myanmar's eating. Except for a refrigerator that had to sell bottled drink, refreshments and beers, there was no other foods on the boat, so you might want to wrap cans.

Yes, the flushing string came out of the open flushing tank cover, but let's concentrate on the positive - there was no squatting lavatory, there was no centimetre depth lock of air on the ground, there was nothing left on the bottom, there was nothing to catch my wind when I went in, and the chair and the lavatory were actually quite well.

I am also quite well prepared for the boat trips that make folks ill to those who don't, and I'm glad to be able to tell that not a singles victim has been suffering from seasickness. I will let the images do the speaking - what follows is just a look at some of the sights you will get on the boat from Bagan to Mandalay.

You will find many different types of boat, from fisher boat to towboat. However, the ships are not the most colorful things to see - this price goes to the many, many, many gold coupons that lie on the shores of the canal. Then there are those times when you can see the light floats and the gold floats at the same breath.

It' s a long time on the riverbank and there will be days when you want to be face down in a textbook, but if I could go back and talk to Kipling, I' d like to thank him for his inspirational trip suggestion to take the "road" to Mandalay.

Here is a little videotape of my trip down the canyon. If you want to beat a fare sticker on them for reasons of comfort, you could say that Old Bagan is best for the budgets, New Bagan is mid-range and Nyaung U has more luxurious deals.

I have been to Ostello Bello in Milan more than once and they have definitely been exporting their high class offer to Myanmar. There is Ostello Bello in New Bagan. Situated in Old Bagan, this resort is winning for its position and there is also a Tourdesk if you need help in organising your sight-seeing tours in Bagan.

Following a sunny and stuffy tour you will be welcomed to a swimmingpool - and Bagan Lodge has two of them, along with a spas and a shady patio from your room. You want an haven in Bagan, this is the place. The Bagan Lodge is in New Bagan.

The Mandalay is a huge confusion and, to be perfectly frank, does not have as many places of interest as one might have expected. When you want to see the castle without having to sit in the middle of the night, make a reservation for a nearby lodging. When your primary goal is to leave the center of Mandalay to discover the U-leg bridge, it doesn't make any difference where you are.

Near the Palazzo and overlooking the roof, the other offer of Ostello Bello in Mandalay is another one. While there weren't many people here for a few days, which made my breakfasts a little'interesting' as a single traveler, the crew were very supportive and I got the quickest Wi-Fi I had in Myanmar.

And not only that, it's expansive reasons will be 5-star stay from the hectic pace, hectic pace and tooting of Mandalay. Nyuang U Jetty is about 25 min from New Bagan, 20 min from Old Bagan and 15 min from Nyuang U. Departures are once a week, except in March when departures are every two days towards the end of the months.

One way fares: $32 from Bagan to Mandalay. Forty-two dollars from Mandalay to Bagan. I' ve reserved my trip with a tour operator next to my lodging in Bagan and I believe you can do the same with any Myanmar itinerary. Were you in Myanmar? Have you taken the boat to Mandalay (or from Mandalay)?

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