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Buddha and the Kranich

However, in parts of Myanmar the opposite is the case. "Faith is useful in nature protection," says U Naing Lin of the Wildlife Conservation Society - Myanmar Program (WCS Myanmar). In Myanmar there are an estimate of 500 of them. Between 200 and 400 people live in the Ayeyarwaddy region, at the mouth of the Ayeyarwaddy rivier.

In other areas of Myanmar, they are predominant thanks to their faith. It is said in the area that the Buddha was aaruskran in a former time. Ever since then, you've thought the boom is a symbol of happiness. A piece of ground on which einaruskran is building a hatchery is assumed to produce higher yields.

When faith does the ploy for U Hla Win, it does so for the crane, at least for now. Harbourcrane lives in farming areas and wetland in Kachin State, Shan State, Bago Region, Rakhine State. And of course in the whole Ayeyarwaddy region. Reckless peasants are spraying far more than they need to keep pests and bugs away and delivering large cans to places where the critters are.

Thearuskran, a fowl they adore, also falls from the bait. Carnivores and pets that live on the yard are destroying the cranes' nests and hunting their nests. "The inhabitants believe that if they hurt or killed aaruskran or destroyed his barn, they will face their fate.

Whilst his crew sharpened, measured and researched consciousness, they listened to some tales about Saru's skull. Rumor has it that one of the village inhabitants was killed by diarrhoea after he had killed denarus-Kran - not only your troublesome doves. According to Naing Lin, the existence of a high percentage of saran cranes in the Ayeyarwady region is due to the faith of Buddhism.

However, the destiny of the crane cannot be abandoned to the Buddha. The WCS Myanmar and Forest Department began discussions on the conservation of the crane and biological diversity in the Ayeyarwaddy region of Pantanaw, Maubin, Wakhema and Eainme in 2017.

Following discussions, they learn about the value of bird life and the benefits of biological diversity for the population. In the past year, WCS Myanmar, in collaboration with the Forest Department of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Environmental Protection of Myanmar and local colleges, has begun research into endangered varieties. We' ve taken in over 50 cranes' cavies.

This is a pretty big Ayeyarwaddy region. He said, "We cannot manage to keep the crane without their work. When deserving and superstitious can help the crane, consciousness and cash can also help.

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