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Burma's biggest Python conquers Florida

Investigators who have been pursuing Burma's Python have caught more than a metric ton in southwestern Florida in the last three month. Of the 43 distant pyths, scientists found the biggest ever recorded in southern Florida, a 16-foot man who weighs more than 140lbs. "The Conservancy of southwestern Florida said in a news article, "Burmese phythons are breaking the codes of the southwestern Florida environment and learn how to live and reproduce there.

In the last three years, investigators from the federal administration have used the help of trapped Python. With radiotrackers marking "snakes", the team hopes to find out where the phythons live in order to capture other snakes. 15 mature Python are currently being studied with the help of wireless labels so that science can find out more about the environmental effects of them.

A trapped man called Captain Kirkland, for example, was blamed for the distance of the 43 serpents by guiding the scientists to more phythons and giving them a better insight into the pathogen. Because of the huge amount of phythons, the critter has become one of the best beasts of prey in the area.

"Ian Bartoszek, Southwest Florida conservationist, said in a news item, "The environmental impacts of the removal of so many mature Python from a relatively small area of Collier County can only be beneficial to our indigenous fauna. "He said, "We must use all available instruments and apply extra technology to catch and eliminate Myanmar python in Florida.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website states that once permitted as an alien domestic animal, officers followed the entrance of the Myanmar pithon into the eco-system until 1992, when "Burmese pithons fled a farm that was devastated during Hurricane Andrew. "It' s also likely that animal pathons have been set free in and around the Everglades," it says.

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