Bo Phyu

Phyu Bo

The whole Bo Phyu karaoke. Singe online and record your own version of the Bo Phyu songs. Browse Bo Phyu's Bio and learn more about Bo Phyu's songs, albums and chart history. I am Bo Phyu, I am a dog on holiday and Mega Stars is a place of my kind!

I am Bo Phyu, I am a vacation pet and Mega Stars is a place of my kind! - retrospective on Hotel Mega Stars, Mandalay, Myanmar

Following the waterproofing we spent one of the nights in April. Located just outside the bustling town centre, but near all the places and attractions you want to see, and they offer bicycles. The room was tidy and tidy and quiet, the ideal escape after a few intensive celebrations.

There is a great and friendly crew and the owners are very friendly and supportive. All in all we had a great time in this beautiful property, the situation and the lush countryside made it a small haven in the middle of Mandalay. It' the ideal place if you want to get off the beaten track and get some rest, get a good night's rest before setting off on a tour.

Definitely gonna be here on my next trip.

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