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In a new'Blue Lights' video, Jorja Smith highlights her hometown. Times film critic Manohla Dargis comments on "The Blue Room. "A young man with a rare blood disease that gives him blue skin comes to an Appalachian town. And Jorja Smith goes to Walsall, England for the black and white video for Blue Lights. Back to the Blue Campaign Home PageBack to the Blue Campaign Resources page.

I' m Jorja Smith's'Blue Lights' video: Look at the picture

In 2016, Jorja Smith, a female singing writer from the UK, stormed the musical world with her reassuring individual "Blue Lights". Almost two years later, the melody by Engine Earz is revived thanks to a monochrome video editing by the famous filmmaker and famous fotographer Olivia Rose. While the 20-year-old does not appear in the video, the images are still noticeable and take place in various institutions in Smith's home town of Wallsall, England, such as the venue of her first musical performance and a garden where she spent her childhood.

And Jorja hires a man for the video, which features Mike Skinner from The Streets, "On My Mind" employee Preditah, her dad, Jaykae and Mist. The" I Am" performer described her video creation in a recent news article. "She says I wanted to catch men and young people from Walsall and Birmingham from all areas of daily lives to show that the prejudices we are being bombed with are deceptive and in the end malign.

"Walsall was chosen as the location for the video because I came from there and was inspired to write my son," the vocalist said in a news item. Smiths eagerly awaited d├ębut Lost & Found is scheduled for June 8th. Watch the video "Blue Lights" below.

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VIDEO ]'Shades of Blue' Season 3 - Harlee reacts to Nava's deaths

One ravaged Detective Harlee Santos has a great deal to digest in this insight from last series of NBC's Shades of Blue. ADA James Nava (played by Gino Anthony Pesi) took an urgent interest in meeting with Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and the prosecutor at the end of the 3 seasons debut when something seemed to go terribly sidelong.

When Harlee reached the horrific scenes of murdering two people at the side of the road, a patrol officer said it was like a "carjacking gone wrong".

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