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#colorpoint. bkh #bsh #britishshorthair #british shorthair #. The Cally of Polar Pearls Cattery Colorpoint Tabby. Les chatons British Shorthair (BKH) et les chatons British Longhair : #borishshorthair #colorpoint #britischkurzhaar #bkhkitten #bkhkitten #bkh #catmodel #catmodel #catlifestyle #littlecat #stubentiger #greycat. paralia #neleilic #ipadpro #olympus #greece #holiday #summer #relextime - And gizmo was his name #britishkitten #bkh #colorpoint #gizmo #relextime #.

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Britisch Shorthair cat breeder: Recommendation list of our growers

Brittish Shorthair is a stout, robust female that resembles a soft-toeddy. This short-haired female persona is translated into a quiet, loving female who loves to be near his favourite group. Whilst the colour most associated with the race is blues, so much so that this race is sometimes known as B BC, BK are also found in a number of other colors and designs.

It' acceptable in most colours and designs, except colourpoint. As the Abyssinian race, the British Shorthair race sustained tragic loss during World War II in England, and other races were introduced to strengthen the genetic stock and re-establish the old one. British Shorthair was first recognized for the title by ACA in the United States in 1967; it was only approved in CFA in 1980.

In Great Britain this race is called" Shorthair". Britisch Shorthair is approved by all large federations. English Movie

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