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This is the purebred variation of the classic English house pet, with a strikingly clumsy physique, thick fur and a large face. Its best-known colour variation is the "British Blue", a massive blue-grey with cupreous coloured eye, middle tails, but the race was also created in many other colors and designs, among them tobacco and colourpoint.

This is one of the oldest known feline races, probably from one of the largest populations of house pets in Europe, probably introduced to Britain by the Romans in the first half of AD. Today she is still the most beloved race in her home county, as she has been recorded by the British Governing Council of the Catholic Fancy (GCCF).

British Shorthair probably dates back to the first hundred years A.D. and makes it one of the oldest recognizable kitten races in the underworld. One suspects that the Invading Romans first took the Egyptians to Great Britain, which were then crossed with the native populations of wild monkeys in Europe.

In the course of the ages their natural offspring evolved into extremely large, sturdy females with a very thick but brief skin that is better able to resist the weather on their home isles. On the basis of artist depictions, the contemporary Britisch Shorthair is essentially the same as this original species. Young bluish female dog with characteristic bluish coloured hair and cup-like appearance.

The GCCF resolved after the end of the fighting to keep the pedigree standards, to allow only third generations of Persian-British Shorthair crosses[quote required]. Contributing to a further lack of purely bred animals until the Second World war, when the Persians and Russisch Blau were included in the mixture again[quote required]. Breeder of short haired cats also worked with the French Chartreux, another old race, which, although not related in genetic terms to the B/B. Blue, is a very similar cattery.

At the end of the 70s, the characteristic shorthaired cats gained official approval from both the American a (CFA) and the International Cat Association (TICA). 2 ] According to GCCF Register 2013, she is once again the most beloved race in her home state.

Fur and color The fur of the Britisch Shorthair is one of the formative characteristics of the race. Even though the most popular version is still the B BC, the BBC has been designed in many other colors and designs. The GCCF and TICA also accepts candy and its diluted lilacs, which are not approved in the CFA industry as well.

Tortie variations are available in all colors and designs.

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