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On the 10 scale, our customers last rated us at 9.1. Chez BizMut il n'y a pas de cacher des apprentissages. We work fully transparent and help with the in-housing of strategic channels. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys with our services twice a year. Survival of 10, nos derniers clients nous ont évalué à 9.1. Vous voulez travailler avec nous ?

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It is a chemically active substance with the Bi sign and ordinal number 83. It' a five-valent post-transition alloy and one of the pnictogenes with similar chemistry to its light homologues ar Arsenic und antimon. Elementary Bismuth can be found in nature, although its sulfides and oxides are important commercially important minerals. It' a rough silverwhite colored material when it' s fresh, but the oxidizing of the finish can give it a rose-tone.

Wismuth is slightly radiactive and the most natural diamond magnetic material and has one of the lower levels of heat conductance among them. Biocompounds make up about half of the total output of biocompound. It is used in cosmetic products, dyes and some drugs, especially in the treatment of diarrhoea. Seismuth has an unusual low level of toxity for a heavymetal.

In recent years, the poisoning of leads has become increasingly evident, and the use of a growing number of bimetallic alloy (currently about one third of the total output of bismuth) as a substitute for this. Wismut is a fragile material with a silvery red colour, often with an shimmering oxidation which shows many colours from green to amber.

Wismuth's spiral-shaped, graduated crystal structures are the product of a higher growing ratio at the outer edge than at the inner edge. During combustion in O2, Wismut is burnt with a bluish flames and its oxid produces amber vapours. Elementary Bismuth is more dense in the fluid state than the solids, a property that it has in common with Germanium, Silicium, Gallium Co. and Mo.

Wismut extends 3. 32 % during hardening; therefore, for a long time it was a constituent of low-melting charge alloy, where it offset the shrinkage of the other alloy constituents[14][21][21][22][23] to almost istostatic bismuth-lead-utectic alloys. As a transmetallizing medium it is used in the syntheses of alkali metal compounds: Due to its exceptionally long half-life for all currently known medicinal and industry uses, Wismut can be handled as if it were solid and non-radioactive.

Radiation is of scientific interest because the presence of Wismuth is one of the few components whose radiation was assumed and theoretical predictions made before it was demonstrated in the lab. 7 ] While Tellur-128 has a twice as long beta-decay half-life of over 703169426720000000000000000?, it has the longest known alpha-decay half-life. The very long half-life of bismuth means that since then less than a billionths of the existing humming of the Earth would have disintegrated into thinlium.

Biosimilars form trihydric and pentahydric connections, the trihydric ones being more frequent. gray, oak-colored, chlorine-green. 41 ] Bismutides are the inter-metallic bonds between Bismuth and other metal. In untreated plumb (which can contain up to 10% bismuth), bitumen migrates through several steps of refinement until it is eliminated by the Kroll-Betterton method, which removes the contaminants as cinder, or the electroplating bed method.

The behaviour of seismuth will be similar with another of its main alloys, namely cupri. 56 ] The crude metal of both procedures still contains significant quantities of other materials, above all plumb. Through the reaction of the melted mix with chloric acid, the metalls are transformed into their chloride, while Wismut stays the same. Contaminants can also be eliminated with various other techniques, e.g. flux and treatment resulting in high pure bimetallic tin (over 99% Bi).

Global mine output and average yearly prices for Bismut (New York, not corrected for inflation). The majority of byproducts of other metals extractions, such as the melting of plumb, but also of wolfram and cupric, are made. The most common applications of seismicity are certain gastric agents (bismuth subsalicylate), colours (bismuth vanadate), pearl luster cosmetic agents (bismuth oxychloride) and projectiles containing seismicity.

It is inconvenient to recycle the bismuth from these uses. A number of producers use Wismut as a substitution for the equipping of drinking plumbing installations, e.g. fittings to comply with "lead-free" requirements in the USA (beginning 2014). At the beginning of the 90s, scientists began evaluating the use of Bismuth as a non-toxic substitution for Pb in various uses a mixture of Wismuth sub salicylate and Wismuth sub citrate is used to control the pathogens that cause gastric ulcer.

Devrom's substance is used as an inner antideodorant for the treatment of bloating and faeces. Bismutoxychloride (BiOCl) is sometimes used in cosmetic products, as a pigments in paints for eyeshadows, hairsprays and varnish. Wismuthite ( "Spanish white") may be either Wismutoxychloride or Wismutoxynitrate (BiONO3) when used as such.

Bismutvanadate is used as a lightfast, non-reactive colorant ( "artist's colorant"), often as a substitute for the more poisonous ones, i. e. those of grain sulphide and candmium sulphide and yellowish amber. We use bismuth in metallic alloy with other materials such as ferrous to produce alloy for fire sprinklers.

They were also used for the production of Bismutronze, which was used in the Bronzes. It is a constituent of glaze that creates a iridescent effect and is used as a pigments in paints. In its deltoid state, bimetal dioxide is a fixed element for O2. Also see Bismouth, a dermatologic disease caused by extended use of Bismouth.

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