The Bizerte is a coastal jewel in the north of Tunisia that has not yet been discovered by many tourists. It is the oldest city in Tunisia, the northernmost city in Africa. Located on the Mediterranean coast. Discover the Bizerte holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. And Bizerte: Bizerte, city in the north of Tunisia.

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Benzart); historical: Phönizisch: ???? ???? ???? Hippo Acra,[verification required]Latin: Hippo Diarrhytus and Hippo Zarytus), also known as Bizerta, is a Bizerte Governorate of Tunisia. Situated 65 km (40mil) northern of the Tunis capitol, it is the most northerly African state. In 2014 the population of the village was 142,966.

It is known as the oldest and most western town in Tunisia. 30 km (18. 5 mil) from Utica in the northern part and 50 km (31 mil) from Carthage, other towns established by Phoenicians. In 950 BC the town came under the rule of Carthage under the guidance of Queen Dido/Elissa; in 309 BC, during the Greek-Punic wars and after the loss of Agathokles, the town and parts of the island of Sicily reverted to the Carthage Republic, its harbour being used by several Carthage general during the Punic wars such as Hamilcar Barca, Mago, Hasdrubal and Hannibal.

Since 149 B.C., the first invasions by the Romans, the town was then invaded by the Romans under the name of Hippo Diarrhytus during the rule of Julius Caesar, but the new town has recovered its wealth and development only since the rule of Augustus and maintained marine relationships, which followed with Ostia and Rome, as a tessellation that adorns its trade office on the Forum of Enterprises place shows, and Christianity was disseminated in the town during this time.

The year 439 AD saw the invasion of the town by generals, the Vandal Emperor (East Germans ) and his own people, who used the harbour to invade the remainder of the Western Roman Empire, the town of Rome and the Sardinia, Malta, Corsica and Sicily isles. Between 534 A.D. and 642 A.D., after a Vandal victory in 534 under the Byzantine Empire, the Roman Empire brought the town back to the East and built the Fort of Bizerte (now the Fort of Kasba).

In 647 Bizerte was invaded by the Arabs for the first time, but returned to domination by the Byzantines until it was conquered in 695-98 by the armies of Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire in 1535 and then by the Turks in 1574 and expelled from North Africa. Subsequently, the town became a pirate port and fought against the French and Venetians.

When Tunisia was occupied in 1881, France took over Bizerte and constructed a large marina in the town. Once the USSR had been formally recognised by the Flemish authorities, the Belarusian West German navy held in the Bizerte harbor was in 1924 given back to the USSR.

Vessels were never taken out of the harbour and eventually resold as junk. Situated on a section with a wider bay and eastern coastline on the northern Tunisian coastline, Bizerte is 15 km from Ras bens Sakka (the most northern point of Africa on the Mediterranean), 20 km from Ichkeul Sea (World Heritage Site), 30 km from Utica and 65 km from Tunis.

Situated on the western coast slopes, Bizerte is an offshoot of the Tell Atlas with well-preserved forests and viewpoints. Situated on the northern bank of the Bizerte Channel, the Mediterranean Sea with a sea tide, the Lac de Bizerte, which is bigger than all parts of the entire municipality together, lies to the immediate southwest.

Southwest along the expanding channel with moorings at Pecherie and Jarrouba, the latter connected to the Bizerte-Sidi Ahmed Air Force Base adjacent to the opening of the sea and the military/rescue helicopter port. In the north are Sidi Salam and Corniche. Zarzouna, Menzel Jemil and Menzel Abderrahmane are located on the southern bank of the channel, which is made up of the town of Zarzouna and the cities of Menzel Jemil and Menzel Abderrahmane, by a movable footbridge and both Menzels opposite the actual reservoir.

At the city side the road leads past the Louata, embraces the Ichkeul Lake and turns into a westerly road, the P7, which leads directly to Tabarka at the shore at the Algierside. Bizerte's business is very varied. Teapacks' Lo Hiaya Iano Clum is about how the Nazi regime drove the Kobi Oz Kobi Oz family from Bizerte in 1942.

Diarrhytus Hippo is a Titularehenehen of the Roman Catholic Church. Hippo Diarrhytus' town and sea should not be mistaken for those of Hippo Regius, where Saint Augustine of Hippo was theishop. Serb injured troops in North Africa were hospitalized in Bizerte, Tunis, Sousse, Sidi Abdala, Algiers, Oran and Annaba.

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