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Keep up to date with the latest Crux news from Pope Francis Nov. Contains information on development aid to Myanmar, economic data and analysis, the latest news and publications, and regional initiatives. Francis "visits Myanmar" as Moslem fugitives fleeing further attacks

Monday's news came when tens of millions of refugees tried to escape to neighbouring Bangladesh after another outbreak of force between Kyrgyz insurgency and the Rakhine military in the troubled state. Myanmar's administration has announced over 100 dead since Friday when gunmen, allegedly from a group known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Military, assaulted 30 policemen with blades, canes and raw-bombings.

Supporters of the Rohingya said Al Jazeera that at least 800, among them tens of wives and kids, were murdered in the war. It is said that the military encircled the Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung districts, where 800,000 inhabitants live, and imposing a night-time ban. Approximately 3,000 fugitives came to Bangladesh this week-end.

Since then, over 87,000 Rohingya escapees have escaped to Bangladesh. A number of European criticism criticised the Nobel Prize winner for his defense of the army's activities and not for the long pursued group.

Rohingya at least 100 dead in Myanmar violent escalation

In Myanmar, an escalation of action against the Rohingya ethnic minorities has resulted in at least 100 deaths, according to police officers. Around 3,000 refugees have escaped to Bangladesh in the midst of increasing violent repression, which has tightened the country's boundaries. And Bangladesh has suggested working with Myanmar on Burma's defence against Rohingya fighters. However, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was "deeply worried about civilian casualties in the course of safety operations" and urged Bangladesh to step up its assistance to the Rohingya refugees.

This is the recent flare-up of continuing violent conflict between the Rohingya, a Moslem majority, and the predominantly Buddhist Myanmar state. Rohingya municipality, which lives mainly in Rakhine State, has been persecuted for years. You have renounced force in the past, but last October a group of militants called the Arakan Rohingya Solidarity Army (ARSA) started a range of assaults against frontier sentries.

According to the observers, the assaults encountered violent reactions from the public agencies, which were concerned with "evacuation actions" - actions that were supposedly directed at fighters but, according to the observers, were directed randomly at the whole Rohingya people. In a February UN documentary, the UN reported massive rapes, the killing of infants and youngsters, violent beatings, enforced forced disappression and other serious breaches of international law by the country's police force.

And Amnesty International has also charged the police with shooting dead bodies. More than 400,000 Rohingya migrants already live in Bangladesh, most of them in poor camps. There were at least 80 fighters murdered, but thousand of escaping civil men have reported horrors by the police. Now Human Rights Watch says there is satelite proof of common burns in ten areas inhabited by Rohingya.

According to the report, young men from Rohingya towns join the militants in large numbers, triggered by further cruelty, even when others are fleeing the force.

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