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Burma ose e njohur zyrtarisht si Mjanmar lat. Burmanien, zyrtarisht int. Wikipedia has an article about Burma. AĆ©rolianes con base en Burmania. Burmese company aeree con sede.

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How about Burma? This is because most people in Burma do not know "these subtleties" for the proper use between "Myanmar" and "Myanma", because most people in Burma consider "Myanma" as a possession and "Myanmar" as an adjective in their own tongue. Contemporary use of these words in English, as proclaimed by the Myanmar authorities, is incompatible with the use of Myanmar grammar.

While" Myanma" (without the" r") can be interpreted (or argued) as an adjective in certain cases, its predominant use is as a possessiv. Myanmar " is an adjective rather than a substantive in Myanmar. "Myanmar " is always used before a substantive as a modifying factor for this noun: e.g. "Myanmar Lu-Myo" (the Myanmar race/ethnicity), "Myanmar Naing-ngan" (the Myanmar state), etc.).

I cannot imagine a case where "Myanmar" is used as an independent substantive. Whenever" Myanmar" is used alone, the narrator believes that the audience knows what the implied epilogue is. We have been harassed by inventive research into the use and support of Burma's various name.

If the work contains no comment on the name chosen for Burma, its use does not take on an encyclopaedic meaning. I just got the following out of the Burma article: Dear Wikipedians, I just changed 2 externals to Names of Myanmar. In the Making of Modern Burma.

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