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Burma Map

Burmania Map Are you looking for the map of Birmania? The map shows the threat to Myanmar from seismic, volcanic and tropical storms. You can add layers to create custom maps. To enlarge the category headings to the right of the map and view the available data levels, click on the category headings. Please click on the map to enlarge it.

Myanmar: Danger maps - Maps - Knowledge base

The following chart shows the threat to Myanmar from sea, vulcanic and tropic storms. Quake intensities show where there is a 20% chance that the intensities shown on the chart will be overshot in 50 years, whereas tropic windstorm intensities show where there is a 10% chance that a windstorm of this magnitude will occur in the next 10 years.

Free WiFi hotspot map of Myanmar (Burma)

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Myanmar geologic chart | Geologic Society, London, memoirs

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The Map Application allows travelers to travel by car.

As the tourism period is in full swing, travelers are becoming more and more frequent in Yangon town centre - often with sunburnt hips hidden in citymaps. Hong Kong-based developers Urban Discovery describe themselves as a socially responsible company that "keeps the legacy of a living and able to survive in cities alive". Updated on Hla Day on November 20, 2014, the application, which initially landed in Myanmar in November 2014, features four highly engaging online map of the town in collaboration with the 57Below Group.

Designed by a team of native artisans, each card invites you to explore 20-30 monuments of culture with history, metropolitan legend and in-depth photographs in five categories: iSee, iDrink, inEat, iShop and iSurprise. At the opening ceremony, Ester van Steekelenburg, the founding father of the city, said that the preservation of the city' s rich culture is vital for the well-being of its population.

As an example she named her home town Hong Kong. After living in the town for almost 20 years, she saw the need for NGOs and municipalities to interact with travelers and show the singularity of each district. To date, Urban Discovery has created five iDiscover tours in Hong Kong and others in Bali, Java and Macau.

Yangon's Apple has four walking tours that cover the secretariat area, the Yangon and Chinatown districts. Others are Trang Nguyen (who created the Yangon Card), Monika Traikov (Indian Quarter) and Mekong Kyaw Swar (Chinatown). Every copy of the cards looks like a work of artwork, but van Steekelenburg said that using the application version provides additional little detail that can make a journey really out-of-the-ordinary.

A further advantage of the application is the GPS capability - so you can, as the Urban Discovery slogan says, "get wasted without getting lost". Myanmar Women's Mentoring Network Foundress Victoria Cook took part in the start and said that even Yangon-ites should consider it. "Although I have been living here for a year and a half - I go through these roads every single working hour - I don't usually take the moment to appreciate the beauties of the historic city.

Mr Van Steekelenburg said the firm is hoping to explore nicer towns in Myanmar and specifically cited Mandalay and Mawlamyaing.

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