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Burma is home to civilian guerrillas. Myanmar is suffering the consequences of decades of civil war. The official Collins Portuguese-English dictionary online. The English translation, synonyms, definitions and application examples for the Spanish word'Myanmar' Myanmar and the UNO announce the return of Rohingya. Burma translates from Spanish into English with synonyms, definitions and related words.

English-speak in Yangon, Myanmar

And one of the reason I went half way around the globe was to know what was so different from my own cultures." I would see pictures of those who live in a hut and smile. In my life the humans had everything and still seemed so unhappy. So, what made humans so lucky with so little?

The majority of the lands I would visit were predominantly Buddhist, so I wanted to study more. First I learnt from a leader in Thailand who told me that Buddhism is about wanting everyone wellbeing. I soon began to realize that the prayer of the men in the sanctuary was not necessarily for themselves, but for the good fortune of ALL.

They are smiling at each other, helping each other, and they are sincere. What could this have to do with English in Myanmar? So I wanted to know more about Buddhism and my starting point was to make every friar I saw smiling at like a madman until one of them spoke to me.

While in Yangon at the Shwedagon Pagoda, the holiest sanctuary in Myanmar, I was amazed. I was a Buddha and he asked me if I was a Buddha, and I told him that I was going to know something about it. The next morning he asked me to an evening school. I was desperate to speak to a friar and find out more about Buddhism and Burma's people.

So I swore to get up early, go to the "English course" and now, I don't know what else. All of a sudden three men came and took their seats to my right and introduced themselves. I' ve learnt a few words, repeated them several time before I pronounced them properly, or maybe they just gave up on making me do them.

When I had made it through the interview, I started asking the question again and realized that the whole group would concentrate on just speaking to me. When I asked the question back, I found out that most Myanmar residents stay with their families or relations until they are matriarch. "I had learnt that most of the classes were Buddhist, but two of the front group were Islam.

"They asked attentively, "What do you think of Myanmar women? Nevertheless, I had the feeling of experiencing a side of Burma's civilization that most visitors don't know. It was an honor to be with such astonishing, nice and interesting individuals. I suggest you go to an evening school.

but you' ll see a small board in front of you.

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