Birmania Country

Burman Country

The authorities further restricted humanitarian access throughout the country. Myanmar's two-letter country code is MM, the three-digit code is MMR. This poses major health challenges for the country. The Irrawaddy River basin and delta, surrounded by a horseshoe of high mountains isolating the country from India, China and Thailand. ".

..collective strength" to meet the challenges of our country.

Volunteering and work in Myanmar - cheap outings abroad

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That means that some month may be highlighted in green (not available.) If you want to see ALL month you have chosen as available, move the switch to the right. Greetings from our Bagan Youth Hostel. Our lodging is situated in a breathtaking landscape, magnificent mountain peaks and memorable dusk.

We are looking for individuals to assist us in construction, horticulture and many other outdoor pursuits in a secluded area of Burma's........ Our aim is to create a place of loneliness and awareness for those who want to remain calm and practise mediation. Welcome to the garden with us.........

Kayin State, Southeast Myanmar, which has been running since 2013. We' re a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to make youngsters living in remote areas who value learning into thoughtful and capable individuals, accountable guides or efficient local developers. Hello, welcome to Myanmar.

We are an officially accredited NGO located in Germany working at Myanmar monastery colleges. We' re constructing a new Waldorf educational system founded on Waldorf schooling. It will comprise an eco-building, an ecological farming estate and a computer......... I am Fiona, and on account of the whole host families we welcome you to Myanmar, Inle Lake and our house.

We' re meeting at one of the best Yangon hotels! There are four 8-bedded rooms and one 4-bedded ladies' room, one single room and one single room for families. Hello, The resort is run by Westerns and Myanmar and is located on the lovely and sun-drenched southwest Myanmar coastline in the rugged region of Myanmar, Anewarddy, one hours westward of Myanmar's third biggest town ( "Pathein") in the town of Ngwe Saung.

Help families and those in need. Participation in the new movements of New Myanmar. With our 3 kids, my man and I have opened a small kindergarden and an elementary modern in Mandalay, which has been in operation for over 3 years. Situated in the centre of Mandalay, a recently opened backpacker and freelance youth retreat.

This is a monastery in Mandalay, Myanmar, which receives seasoned instructors from around the globe with a deep commitment to working with pupils inside and outside the schoolroom. It' one of the largest in all of Myanmar and......... I have just got here and my boy needs help to study English and adjust to the new class.

I' m Kyaw Win, but since I recall, folks call me Bunny. I' m living in a secluded part of Myanmar in Ke Yan State.

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