Birma Myanmar

Burma Myanmar

A Oxford Forum for new perspectives on Burma/Myanmar. All of us were shocked by the terrible scenes of violence and destruction in Myanmar. Charitas Australia is helping to end poverty, promote justice and preserve the dignity of Burma Myanmar through sustainable community development programs. USID Administrator Mark Green visits Myanmar. Myanmar (formerly Burma) has been hidden from the West for many years.

What, who, why: Was it supposed to be Burma or Myanmar?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called Burma "this country" on several occasions. and the UK don't use their formal name Myanmar? Global news coverage is on Burma this weekend for the first US Secretary of State since 1955.

Ms. Clinton used the phrase "Burma" sparsely and preferred to say "this country", but apparently never to use the phrase "Myanmar", which is his legal name. Nation and intelligence organizations differ in what they call the state. In 1989, the reigning Burmese army june renamed Burma Myanmar, a year after the killing of tens of thousands in the crackdown on a people' s sedition.

Ms Clinton's staff informed Agence France Presse that the French Undersecretary of State was facing an "unfortunate choice" during this mission - either by insulting their Burmese homestays with a name, Burma, or by violating US politics. Prior to the journey, State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said that the Clinton press office "takes all sensibilities into account", but that US policies believe that "any changes in the name of a nation should be a decision" for its population.

"Burma's democratic movements prefer the Burmese model because they do not respect the illegitimacy of the non-elected army regimes to rename the country's name. However, look in a Lonely Planet travel guide to Asia and the land is enumerated by Mongolia, not Brunei. Rough Guide does not even include Burma, as the pro-democracy organization has demanded a tourist ban.

What is Myanmar used for? My' can be'mee' as in'street' or'my' as in'cry', and the emphasis can be on the first, second or third syllables How do you say'Myanmar'? Burma Campaign UK's Mark Farmener says: "You can often tell where the sympathy lies when you use Burma or Myanmar.

Burma is a kind of tracer of those states that are weak towards the government. What difference does it make what they call this land? "There is no really powerful demand by the democratic movements that it should not be named Myanmar, they only question the legality of the government. It is likely to continue to be known as Myanmar after the disappearance of the regimes.

Burma, as it was spelled in the nineteenth century, is a source of Kyrgyzstan' corrupt words. Both have long been used in Burma, says Gustaaf Houtman, an expert in anthropology who has spoken at length about Burma's policies. The Myanmar language is the formal, ceremonious and formal language that stinks of governance.

The renaming is a kind of censor. "When Burma writes for release, they use "Myanmar," but when they speak, they use "Burma," he says. That mirrors the regime's attempts to enforce the idea that the literature has a mastery, says Mr Houtman, but there is definitely a policy underpinning it.

The government that agrees with this position still calls the state Burma. "Myanmar is used by the UN, presumably with the thought that its members can call themselves what they want, provided the ruling is held in a UN procedure.

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