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Your trip starts in Myanmar. Stroll through a ruined town in Bagan with around 3000 shrines stretching across the Irrawaddy River. Myanmar's second biggest town, still regarded as the country's most important centre of culture. Number one in Myanmar with its infinite amount of blank sand.

Visas are issued for 28 consecutive nights in Myanmar from the date of your arrival in Myanmar (Burma). The Bagan Balloon offers you a great panorama look over the Bagan Islands in Myanmar.

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Holy Cats of Burma

Burma is a housecatrace. Aka the" Holy Cats of Burma " (especially in some languages), it should not be mistaken for the Myanmar (cat), who are an independent and unlike group. Burma has a light colored skin and dark spots with darker, darker, darker, darker, blush.

Burmese is recognised by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA). Burma's recent past is almost as mysterious as its iconic origins. One thing is certain: the race emerged in France around 1920. There is a tale that a couple of Burmese monkeys were secretly sent from Burma to France around 1919.

Known as the "Sacre de Birmanie", the cat was entered in the French cat register in 1925. In the Second World War, Burma was almost extinct as a race. There were only two European males at the end of the conflict, a couple called Orloff and Xenia de Kaabaa, both of whom belonged to Baudoin-crevoisier.

Descendants of this couple were the basis of the race in post-war France. Manou, Lonsaito, Djaipour, Sita 1 and Sita 2, and they had to be strongly crossed with longhair races in order to reconstruct the Burmese breeding. In the early 1950s Burmese cubs were once again made. This restorated race was recognized in Great Britain in 1965 and by the CFA in 1966.

The CFA reported that Burmese were cultivated as tranquil and kind companions[quote? ]. Any of the fundamental features of Burma is that the colour of the feet (should be cited according to the standards of the breed)[quote? ], while the colour of the feet must not mix or mix. Burmese have half-length, satiny coat, half-high bodies and relatively small eyes in comparison to other cats.

To meet breeding norms, the Burmese should have an egg shell color or gold, according to the color of the mark. Marks can be plain seals, chocolates, blue, reds, purples or creams. You can also use different tabbies. Tortoiseshell kittens can be sealed, chocolated, blue or purple.

Burmese have saguccal colored-eyed. Burmese fur is uncommon due to the fact that they wear the" gloves" on every foot. You are one of the few cats in the Colorpoint fur with finger and toe in purely knows color. It is possible that the genetic nature of this trait is not entirely clear, although a genetic marker that confers the characteristic of" gloves" has been known.

Birman cats are whitish (like other Colourpointed cats) and develop their colors at the early ages of 1 weeks if they have a deep color (as seal-point) and at the ages of 14 or more if they have a clear color (as lilac-point). dots of sacred Burma are:

Sea-point, Blue-point, Chocolate-point, Lilac-point, Tortie-point, Cream-point, Cream-point, Tortie-point, Lilac Tortie point, Cream-point. Same color in the tabby style (Lynx): Tabby Point Lilac Tabby Point Red Tabby, Cream Tabby Point, Tortie Tabby Point, Lynx or Red Factor shades on the leg, cock and face.

Birman males differ from traditional color-point females by their black gloved males. Remarkable are the clear blues, which stay a lifetime of blues. And the only blank area is a pair of mittens. is a flaw in a sacred Burmese beetle. All four legs of the glove are symetrical.

Whiteness must stop at the point of pronunciation or at the point where the toe meets the metacarpal bones; all of your finger must also be whiten. The back of the hind feet end with an upside down 1/2 to 3/4 vol. Burmese have been cultivated for their temper and their society, and they have a great relationship with their owners and their families.

Like any cat, they are extremely clever and seem to have a real interest in what is happening around them.

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