Bilu Kyun Island

isle of Bilu Kyun

¡Bilu Kyun (Bilu Island) About AirTour Myanmar AirTour Myanmar is an experienced, fully licenced travel agency offering a range of travel management solutions to meet the needs of travelers from all over the globe. Location: XuZaNa Hi Way Complex, Room 001, Building (C-1), Ground Floor, Hnin Si Street, Q6, Kamaryut Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Myanmar Bike Tour (Soft Adventure) To meet the needs of Myanmar's expanding tourist industries, Myanmar offers outstanding client support through friendliness and global professionality.

33-49, Corner Bank Street, Mahabandoola Garden Street, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Stay somewhere else, but take the Bilu Kyun Island trip with Mr. Antony, English Breeze Guest House staff - Review of Breeze Guest House, Mawlamyine, Myanmar

The guesthouse was suggested by London planet and I have no clue why! The rooms are very filthy and filthy (and I don't care if I go diving once in a while, but for 20 dollars? Upon 5 hrs the room was in warmer than outside, and I was furious because I had been paying $20 USD for air conditioning and divided bath.

You said to me, "Just take a quick quick shower and use the fan." This was okay with me, but I said I wouldn't be paying for an A/C system that didn't work and asked for a part reimbursement. Eventually they gave me back $6 (yay) and when I went to my room, a troubled lady broke into the foyer and exclaimed that her cot was overflowing with bugs and asked for a reimbursement.

Refusing to pay back their wages, the dude said, "It's okay, they're just ants," and the maid went without getting a reimbursement. We had just been reading the book about how a ton of folks here had problems with bed bugs, so we were scared to open our pockets in the room.

They had a very filthy common bath, a not working showers and only a tap with cool tapware. And the other one wasn't so terrible and had plenty of warmwater. Others seemed angry and angry and were also taken in by a deserted world. At $20 (same price) we have a working A/C, a TV, whites, en-suite bathrooms and boiling mineral tapas!

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