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Myanmar Bilu Island

ilu Island is located in Myanmar. Picture taken in or around Bilu Island, Mawlamyine, Burma_myanmar by. GOGLOOGE MAP shows the location of Visit Ogre (Bilu) Island in Mawlamyine, Mawlamyine, Myanmar and other things near Experience Travel.

Mawlamyine island Bilu

The Bilu Island (Bilu Kyun) or Ogre Island is about 20 minutes from Mawlamyine Strand Road. There' are some tales about the name of the island. Best of all, in the past humans were so hideous and eating uncooked meats that they are regarded as an ogre.

Large with over 60 towns on the island, paddy fields and caoutchouc fields, Bilu has a notable selection of local metallurgical traditions. Monks are the most important ethnical groups on the island. There' s a saying that monks are not afraid to perish, but afraid to be hungry and impoverished.

Upon arriving at the landing stage of the Bilu Islands we are changing our transportation methods to AC-Auto. Below is a small smith who sharpens the crescent for the ricemen. Observe the workmen who make tubes in their houses. The lunch is taken in a tidy on-site eatery (not included).

The other small branches we will be visiting are the production of elastic bands from remnants of the caoutchouc factory, the roll shutter for cigars and the growing of cereals. The best time for a trip to the island could be during its 7-day long celebration time. This whole island's going mad for a whole weekend.

Various towns will hold the festivities for a whole days and there will be show battles and all kinds of entertainment. The Kyaikthalan Pagoda at sundown, where Rudyard Kipling's poetry begins, if we have the time:

Ogre Island Mawlamyine

It' 3am in Mawlamyine, Myanmar and we're looking for a place to be. From the night coach to the taxibus we drive down the hill to the moonlight gleam of the Thanlwin Rivier. "It costs $8 for a small room," he says, "or $40 for the Rubber Baron's genuine rubber masters.

" We didn't quite know where we were or what we came into, we took the next, cheepest room and took a rest for three memorable nights in Mawlamyine and Ogre Island. In the 1800s, the British made Mawlamyine their first Myanmar capitol and gave it the characteristics of their homeland. Sitting in Myanmar long enough, the natives will come closer.

and Myanmar courses and an memorable smile. Bilu Kyun, like Ogre Island, is one hours away from Mawlamyine. When the name was not fascinating enough, there are 64 towns here that specialize in all kinds of handicrafts made of coir matting, balaclava, rubber ribbons, wood utensils.... that have been made practically without accessories or power tool.

Notice: If you go here, you have to take the ship home; foreigner are not permitted to stay on the island (of course because of the ogres). It was too big to go on foot, by bicycle or on our own, so we jumped on a half days trip with a native leader and the other two people.

Horses and wagons are the most important means of transport on the island, followed by bikes, then automobiles manufactured in a design that can only be described as "Mr. Potato Head". Ever thought about how an elastic is made? Now, we have much more regard for the modest elastic after seeing its design.

Within two workdays you have to cook, colour, dip, wipe, dehydrate, peel, again wipe, chop, then cut into cubes. Then you have to cut away a thousand elastic coils by yourselves. Elastic ribbons and their creators, greetings! There are similar tapered caps in other parts of Asia, but we had never made them before.

The men made clay tiles by hands in the extremely high temperatures (100+ in the shadow of a tree), dried them in the hot air and then dragged them into a fire. It was such an astonishing memory of how many things we took for granted here - from the car to the elastic strap.

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